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Hey guys,

Just wanted to give everybody a fast update...

I'll be pushing a stat tracker plugin to the servers sometime today. This will allow you guys to type !st for any given weapon. Typing !st will at a stat tracker to your current weapon! Everything will be stored into a database so the kill count will remain even after you've left.


On another note, has anybody here used the !nametag plugin before? If so, please explain to me what it does exactly.. I would consider adding this as well!
Hi guys!

I've been doing a lot of updates lately and want to keep it going!

How would you guys feel if dmfrenzy had its very own app in the store to download?!?!??!

I noticed that someone brought this up before and I had already looked into this awhile ago and I was curious! After looking it up it's totally doable!

While it is costly, I feel like it could possibly open up a door for dmfrenzy. I think we would get some increased traffic from this, and it would allow those who view dmfrenzy on their phone to do so with more ease! If there is no benefit I won't be doing it.

I want to hear what you guys have to say about this please. Like everything I do on here, none of it would be possible without you guys. Without you guys I have just an empty site. So thank you guys!

Please, voice your opinion!
Cheers! Untitled.
Guys!!! Over the next few days I'll be setting up a discord channel.. this is a learning process for me as I've never used it..

Here's our link.. https://discord.gg/uBphDk

My username is DMFrenzy#7181

The "Chat" link in the header is for the discord.. I'll be changing it to say Discord later!

Hey guys,

I've made some minor changes to the site. You may or may not notice these changes, depending on how well you know the site!!!

Like always, if you come across any issues please let myself or Frank know!

Thank you!
I cannot stress how important this is.

If your name is TOMMY BUM on here, then it needs to be TOMMY BUM on steam as well!

I really don't like wasting my time trying to figure out what admin is what! Don't be surprised if I remove someone because of it!

So please, for the love of god.....PLEASE MAKE YOUR STEAM ACCOUNT THE SAME AS HERE!!


I don't mean to sound like a dick or anything, but there's really no need to be changing a username! Find what you like, and KEEP IT!!!