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Banning Changes!

Discussion in 'Appeal Your Ban' started by UntitledSoldier, Jun 30, 2017.

By UntitledSoldier on Jun 30, 2017 at 1:03 PM
  1. UntitledSoldier

    UntitledSoldier Staff Member [DMF FOUNDER!]

    Aug 7, 2016
    Ontario, Canada
    Admin Post
    Hi guys! How's it going? I'm back from my vacation and ready to roll out some new updates!

    Over the past 2-4 months, I've received an alarming amount of emails regarding people thinking they've been falsely banned.

    This irritates me a lot. As this SHOULDN'T be an issue! I've thought about what I could do to counter this issue.

    For now on..
    All admins MUST record proof before banning someone!

    • If someone is hacking - RECORD THE PROOF!
    • If someone is being a complete douche bag and 100% refuses to listen - RECORD THE PROOF!
    *** All you need to do is record a simple 5-10 second video of it! If someone would be kind enough to post a link to some free software that would allow for this, that would be greatly appreciated! ***

    If you cannot record the proof, then there's to be NO banning!

    If I receive a lot of complaints regarding an admin, & they cannot provide proof, I may be forced to remove admin powers for that individual. If any admin would like to talk to me regarding this, please feel free to message me on steam or send me a PM on here! Remember, admins are required to visit the site too! :)
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Discussion in 'Appeal Your Ban' started by UntitledSoldier, Jun 30, 2017.

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    1. UntitledSoldier
      Feel free to comment and let me know what you guys think!
    2. ToxicFrank
      100% agreed... if an admin doesn't have proof of a ban most of the time I remove the ban because there has to be some proof. I am not saying I don't trust other admin's opinions but I've spent almost 5k hours on CS: GO and I've learned a lot about the game and cheats and the cheaters using them. 1 thing is for sure... unless someone is spin botting 1st person video from your perspective is not really good evidence in my opinion. You need to spectate that person and verify they are cheating. If you as an admin feel it is too much work to spectate the player because you don't want to stop playing to do the job you asked to do then you really shouldn't be an admin. Every admin here on dmfrenzy asked to be an admin to help with the servers, you are not helping if you are banning people left and right and causing us to have to go back and fight through ban appeals. Take your time with bans, make sure they are proper bans and act like an admin...

      It really drives me crazy when admins don't want to spend the time to do their job and just make assumptions.
    3. UntitledSoldier
      True that Frank! Well said.

      I might look into sending out an email to every admin, with a link to this post and the other post. I want to make sure all admins see this.. not all admins seem to be active on the site... :rolleyes:
    4. No!Don'tShoot
      Here is a helpful link for free screen capture software options for gamers :) There are a few discussed, so you can pick your favoite!
    5. Roxiie
      TBH , just use obs studio for game capture. It's free, and it's used by professional YouTubers and streamers

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