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Cheaters In Retake Server

Discussion in 'Report a Hacker' started by Herpineryday, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. Herpineryday


    Nov 7, 2017
    New Jersey, United States of America
    I was joined the retake server and everyone was complaining about hackers. I played the first round and instantly noticed it. There are 3 of them currently playing right now. Here are the 3 steam profiles:




    Unfortunately I didn't record any of the hackers in action, but like I said they are currently in the server to go check out. They openly admit they are hacking. Whilst in the server and admin came on (she didn't have an admin tag that I know of but everyone recognized her as an admin) here is her profile


    She came in and after witnessing the events of the hackers she decided not to do anything about it and simply laughed it off and after asking her to ban the hackers multiple times with more than one person speaking up all she said was "no this is funny lol". I don't think an admin should be allowing hackers into a server just to ruin the experience. Many people I know join the retake server to warm up or even practice, and just to have some hackers ruin it because they're having fun is stupid. I hope this issue can be resolved, and if not, I thank you for your time reading this report.
  2. DJ Sleepy ツ

    DJ Sleepy ツ [SERVER ADMIN]

    Dec 3, 2016
    First off, This admin isn't an admin hence why she didn't ban the hackers in the first place. Second off. It seems like 2 of the 3 hackers have gone offline. Please don't assume our admins aren't doing there job. We have lives but when we are on we do everything efficiently as possible. Sorry you had to experience this. I'll look more into it.

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