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Staffing Changes

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Congratulations to our 3 new staff members, please welcome @TheAsciiBunny, @Hreppy, and @V01d to DMFrenzy's staff.

We will continue to look over applications in the channel in hope to grow our team even more.

As always, remember to provide us with as much detail as possible and really set yourself apart.

Thank you,
DMF Management

Changing your alias!

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Hi guys,

For those who are changing their usernames... please keep your name the same.. whatever you signed up with here, will be the user that I’ll remember you by. If you change it in steam or discord, I most likely won’t know it’s you!

I don’t have time to keep tabs on who changed their name.


If you are known by Dash on here, please have your discord/steam as Dash!! Not Tom, Frank, or bob, but DASH! Lol

If for some reason you’ve already changed your name on DMF to reflect something different from discord/steam, please make a comment in your profile with your changed name.

Thank you!!!

Forum credits are live, but not final!

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Ok guys! Here it is.

The credit system is live, but it’s not final. There’s still a lot of work to do with it.

More items will be added. I haven’t added them yet.

You’ll recieve forum credits per post, along with 10+ other ways.

I’m on my phone or is post a screenshot of the ways to get these credits.

Basically, the more you do on the site, the more credits you’ll get.

You can use these credits to buy stuff in the store on the site.

We’ll be using these credits to enter forum contests and things like that.

View your credits by clicking “WALLET” in the top right of the header.

Give it time and it will improve.

Leave your comments below guys!


Removed some admins...

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Hey guys,

I removed some admins the other day.

They were removed for one of the following reasons: inactive on the forum, or inactive on the servers.

If you’re one of these admins and you’d like to be admin again, you’ll have to reapply for admin!

Current list of staff:

Admin Applications

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DMFrenzy members,

We have decided that it would be better to clean up our admin applications in an effort to manage them easier. We deleted a lot of applications that were fairly old and some that seemed to not have any activity. If we deleted your thread and you are still trying to get admin PLEASE REMAKE YOUR APPLICATION, we do not want to discourage anyone from getting admin so please make sure you still have an application up.

As always here are some tips that will exponentially help your chances of getting staff.
  1. Stay active on the forums, so many people come to this forum to and make an introduction and an application and hardly come back after that. This is going to do nothing but hurt you. You are applying to become admins in a community and will be asked to continue to be active on the forums, managing ban appeals and scoping out new potential admins. You are not here to get admin and do your own thing.
  2. Get to...

Staffing Changes!

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Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon!

DMFrenzy has recently made some staffing changes, we have removed some inactive administrators and have decided to add a couple new ones. Let's all make sure we congratulate and welcome to our staff these new admins!

Congratulations on staff and we look forward to having you help us keep DMFrenzy a great community.

We will continue to look through applications and will continue to make staffing changes as we deem necessary.

Thank you,
DMFrenzy Staff

Increasing the 1v1 slots..

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Hi guys!

Yet another fast message..

I've increased the slot count on the new 24 slot server.. it's now up to 32 slots.


Possible 1v1 online stats

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Whats up guys?

Just wanted to let you guys know that later today I’m going to work on getting the 1v1 stats to display on a website like the !active.. I’ll be doing this later today.. I’ll post again once it’s complete!


!active - Displayed online now!

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Hi guys,

Another fast update here. Feel free to visit DMFRENZY.COM/ACTIVE to view your !active stats online!

Retakes - Auto plant now here!!!!

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Hi guys!

Just a fast message here.

I've found a auto plant plugin that works perfectly fine!

I'm in the middle of pushing this to ALL retake servers.


Few small changes/updates

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Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

I made a few changes to the servers. While they are smaller changes, I'd still like you guys to know.

  • Source bans - SB should now be functioning 100%. Admins should have permissions on ALL servers & VIP members should have a reserved slot on ALL servers!
  • Country tags - As @HitmanG reported, there was an issue where it was overwriting the tags from the store. This has been fixed.
  • !nametag & !nametagcolors - I'm not sure what happen here, but at some point they stopped working. I've updated them and it seems to be working nicely now! Please keep in mind you have to use a skin from !ws for it to work. You can't use your own skin; for it to work you MUST use !ws.

    Please view the screenshot to further see what !nametag & !nametagcolors does...

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