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    yeah my main is i sent to owner too
  2. claw Posted an Appeal!

    also my acc isnt new it was originally a road to prime account and then it just turned into the account i main on cs
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    i dont play competetive tho lol the only time i play is to let my friends 5-queue, thats why my rank is mg and not smfc no more
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    heres a video of me loading into aim botz and tapping, in the beginning i wasnt expect so many flicks in a row so i got kinda lucky and cuz im me i did things like fake spin etc just cuz i do that
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    IN GAME NAME soul STEAM ID STEAM_0:0:459796882 YOUR SOURCEBANS LINK REASON FOR MUTE/GAG/BAN I was banned for "aimbot" shown in this clip: This shot was...
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