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    wait are you serious!!! Freedom?
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    DENIED Karatin3422 Applied For Admin!

    +1 bad but good
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    APPROVED 1320ben

    I know what im gonna say might seem a bit ambitious but what was the exact process for each role? Wouldn't had it been fair if he just got banned from ten mans and had his admin revoked?
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    APPROVED 1320ben

    Then is rexhys getting unbanned?
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    you know me already but here it goes...

    I feel left out :(
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    Removing GameMe?

    Don't remove it so I can still dox people :)
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    DENIED 1320Ben Applied For Admin!

    +1 one of the most chillest dudes in the server. Funny af and a great guy to be in the staff team.
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    APPROVED ez4enceenceence Posted an Appeal!

    I stopped the stream so you can check VOD
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    APPROVED ez4enceenceence Posted an Appeal!

    I am streaming and you could check it out
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    APPROVED ez4enceenceence Posted an Appeal!

    IN GAME NAME STEAM ID STEAM_1:1:171327092 YOUR SOURCEBANS LINK REASON FOR MUTE/GAG/BAN I either got gagged because I accidentally hit a homophobic keybind...
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    PENDING senTenZ Applied For Admin!

    Really chill guy doesn't really bitch around. A good candidate for admin, probably one of the best.
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    PENDING ez4enceenceence Applied For Admin!

    Yeah, I'm 100% down for that. Is it possible if we set it to 4:30 P.M. next Saturday?
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    claw Posted an Appeal!

    You should probably send them a link to your main account. It can help a lot with your case
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    claw Posted an Appeal!

    I know it might annoy you but I don't think the admins will find this as enough proof man. The bots were basically running at you, so it was pretty easy to flick on them, considering you play on high sens. You also missed a lot of those flicks, and your account looks relatively new. I suggest...
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    claw Posted an Appeal!

    This isn't enough evidence to show us that you aren't cheating. That was only one flick inside an aim_botz, and it looks like it took a while in order to prepare for the flick. Anybody can record something like this and submit it as evidence, even a silver 1 player. If you want to get unbanned...
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