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  1. Hreppy

    Ey Ban appeal

    I banned Marve , and here is the evidence of him u had same IP as him as kennyL says..
  2. Hreppy

    PENDING Cisko Applied For Admin!

    Definetly a good guy , he has a really good behaviour and he always tries to help others. I remember him when he was admin with me , hes one of the most easy-going guys i have met, He has my vouch ! Good luck Cisko its nice to see u back
  3. Hreppy

    DENIED Loyal Applied For Admin!

    A really cool guy , I have spoke to him a lot of times on the discord, he really deserves to be a parrt of the staff team, As I think he will help the staff team a lot, he definetly has my VOUCH !
  4. Hreppy

    APPROVED Hreppy Applied For Admin!

    Thank you guys ! I really appreciate it , It really means to me <3
  5. Hreppy

    I finally decide to make a forums account

    Welcome @DJFelpie , If u need anything any time just tell me !
  6. Hreppy

    APPROVED Hreppy Applied For Admin!

    Thank you guys ! Its nice seeing u again too !
  7. Hreppy

    APPROVED Hreppy Applied For Admin!

    Real name: Leonardo Online Game Name: hreppY My Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:103739048 Location: Bitola,Macedonia Age: 16 Are you active in our Discord channel? Yes How many approx. hrs spent on our server(s) per week? 1-14 Hours Per week What type of our servers do you play on most...
  8. Hreppy

    Alien Skin

    I totally agree with im ,It pisses me off ,evne tho I think everyone skin should be deleted , because I really cant play vs anyone with skin and because they are 25 credits everyone ha them and I cant get a normal kill , hitboxes on the deadpool are broken
  9. Hreppy

    APPROVED Loyal Applied For Admin!

    He is such a cool guy , a,lways helps on the servers , this thread is made so well , nobody can say he doesnt have enough details , I can just say , u have my vouch :)
  10. Hreppy

    DENIED A_rooster Applied For Admin!

    I havent really seen u playting , because I am european and u know , we play on different servers , try to be active on discord and forums so I we can get to know u more :)
  11. Hreppy

    The best introduction (no actually xD)

    Welcome to the forums Pr0x :D I know u , such a cool guy :P If u need somth u can always contact me or any other admin :D
  12. Hreppy

    Hello Just introducing myself

    Welcome to the forums , I hope I meet u in one of the servers ,As Loyal said if u have any question just ask , u can do it in discord , here in PM and enjoy ur time man :)
  13. Hreppy

    Hello guys :)

    Welcome Haakon , nice to meet you :) If you need something , PM me
  14. Hreppy

    DENIED K N R 1 3 3 7 has submitted an Admin application! Woot!

    Havent really seen u I hope that I will meet u better in the servers or discord !
  15. Hreppy

    APPROVED flame has submitted an Admin application! Woot!

    U are really active on the discord , I havent played with u in retakes but even now I know u are mature and cool guy becvause of discords and forum.Also there is nobody who can say u do not have enough informations in your application. U have my vouch :)


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