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Recent content by kennyL

  1. kennyL

    PENDING shinji Posted an Appeal!

    So none of these are you, except that one account? I doubt your ip changed from the current one that’s banned to another and back to the current one.
  2. kennyL

    PENDING shinji Posted an Appeal!

    Your ban will stay, its 1wk and 1d. You were originally banned for abusing the !calladmin command. You then joined on another account, which was banned by source sleuth and repeated this until your current account was banned again for being a duplicate of one of your alternate account bans. I...
  3. kennyL

    PENDING karim66 Posted an Appeal!

    We only require admins to retain evidence for 30 days. You were also banned by someone who is no longer an admin. It hasn’t been a year since your ban. If you do cheat vac may or may not have banned you in the last 7 or 8 months because it is shitty.
  4. kennyL

    PENDING BagaLen Posted an Appeal!

    Who didn't read? You have to give us time to talk to the admin and view the evidence. It isn't an immediate thing regardless of anything you say.
  5. kennyL

    PENDING BagaLen Posted an Appeal!

    Why did you post another appeal?
  6. kennyL

    ISSUE Masks should be removed.

    :happypepe: welp guess I was wrong
  7. kennyL

    ISSUE Masks should be removed.

    You literally can disable them on the client side now.
  8. kennyL

    ISSUE Masks should be removed.

    LOL ok however you want to look at it, Loyal. Unlikely, if he switches them, because of this command. sm_hide - Toggle -> hide all hats/pets/trails/neons, it will release your FPS. [alias: sm_hideneon/sm_hidetrail]
  9. kennyL

    ISSUE Masks should be removed.

    I would say that a "I don't care" is as good as a no because they didn't say to remove them.
  10. kennyL

    SUGGESTION Map Rotation? [DMFFA]

    So I don't personally have an opinion on this just a suggestion. Make the DM server have a link to this poll for like a week and you'll have a greater audience respond to it likely.
  11. kennyL

    Allow access to the 10 man demos

    We can't and won't give everyone who ever played a 10 man an FTP account to the private 10 man server we have/had. I was writing a system that would have allowed players to view the match data and request the demo download. Then people wanted FaceIt instead, you can download them on FaceIt. As...
  12. kennyL

    Kolt_ Posted an Appeal!

    I remember your previous appeal, we had a conversation on the original ban in the discord chat. Look it's been a year, I'm going to unmute you completely. If you get banned/gagged again and we have evidence you will not receive an unban.
  13. kennyL

    Kolt_ Posted an Appeal!

    See I'm sitting here trying to figure out when I perm muted you, I came across this https://dmfrenzy.com/bans/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_1%3A0%3A167683780&Submit=Search from your previous appeal.
  14. kennyL

    bangergang68 Posted an Appeal!

    This is the evidence for your ban. You will not be getting unbanned. HF