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  1. kennyL

    Barcoder Posted an Appeal!

    Unbanning currently, the evidence that was provided to us was not sufficient to warrant a ban. HF
  2. kennyL

    DENIED snoops Applied For Admin!

    Wait are you snoops#1513 in discord or 1514? Try to get to know the admins and be active in the community. GL
  3. kennyL

    DENIED ItzTran Applied For Admin!

    I'm denying you for not being active. Please become more active within all aspects of the community before you reapply.
  4. kennyL

    DENIED I_am_Fiko Applied For Admin!

    Fiko, I'm going to go ahead and deny your application. If you are going to apply again I suggest becoming more active within the community first.
  5. kennyL

    Dog Posted an Appeal!

    The evidence that was provided was not sufficient to say if you are cheating. Next time please just patient and let us review what was given to us instead of having to go about all the other shit in this thread. You are being unbanned.
  6. kennyL

    DMFrenzy Background

    It's dope but it doesn't take up the entire screen. Just me or is it that way for others too?
  7. kennyL

    DMFrenzy Background

    you should get it without the logo in the center for the forum background :happypepe:
  8. kennyL

    Dog Posted an Appeal!

    Relax, we'll look at the evidence shortly.
  9. kennyL

    Dog Posted an Appeal!

    uhhh yes. I deleted the webserver xD working on it at some point
  10. kennyL

    Dog Posted an Appeal!

    He is uploading the evidence.
  11. kennyL

    ramen Posted an Appeal!

    2 years for inappropriate language LUL. Whatever admin banned you is an idiot wait... that was me. I don't remember you exactly and if you appeal 2 years later for inappropriate language I'm going to hope whatever it is you've changed. Welcome back to the community.
  12. kennyL

    Possible logo change?

    I feel like this about every logo I've ever had too but I don't know what I want/don't want xD I'd be down to get a new logo for DMF that's really good.
  13. kennyL

    1320Ben Applied For Admin!

    So I can outline it real quick here I think our concerns were at some point conveyed to him. We took a long while to talk about if we wanted Ben as an admin or not and a few things made us lean towards the no. The largest of the issues being that his account has a history of being banned from...
  14. kennyL


  15. kennyL

    PENDING mAkxd Posted an Appeal!

    No one said you were cheating... if you clicked the ban link I provided you would have been able to see that the ban is for a duplicate account. The automated system we have in place connects players based on a number of factors. One of these factors is IPs, hence why we asked where you are...


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