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    DENIED ynmsr Posted an Appeal!

    I'll have to talk to Kenny but read this: SMAC's Aim detector doesn't actually check for injected code but rather camera angles and gives the benefit of the doubt and declares first detection as a false positive and won't ban until future...
  2. ToxicFrank

    DENIED shamza has applied for admin!

    Chromo, Thank you for interviewing and applying. Unfortunately, we are going to deny your application. We just want to get a better sense of your personality around other players. The more you play on the server, the easier it will be for us to gauge your personality and whether or not you...
  3. ToxicFrank

    DENIED dROP has applied for admin!

    Drop, We thank you for interviewing and applying for admin, unfortunately, we are going to deny this application. We are not denying you based on age but rather we just want to get to know you and your personality a little more to make sure that you are a good fit for our team. I encourage you...
  4. ToxicFrank

    APPROVED Deximanexi has applied for admin!

    Gonna also go ahead and accept this one.
  5. ToxicFrank

    APPROVED OhEthan11 has applied for admin!

    Yeah, gonna go ahead and accept this.
  6. ToxicFrank

    APPROVED Deximanexi has applied for admin!

    Not a problem, for real. We are all busy individuals, I forgot you use Voice chat fairly often and when I Was looking through records it didn't include that so in all actuality you are probably more active than I gave credit for in the above post.
  7. ToxicFrank

    APPROVED Deximanexi has applied for admin!

    Normally I would close an application like this for appearing dead, however, I think you put a lot of work into your application and on paper, you look great. I see that it has been a little while since you've interacted with us on discord, my advice would be just to stick around and get to know...
  8. ToxicFrank

    DENIED I_am_Fiko has applied for admin!

    I do like you Fiko and we talk a little bit and I have never had any problems with you. I don't generally care about past messages/actions as long as they are within reason and I believe it to not be a problem anymore. That being said, it hasn't even been a month since either of the posted...
  9. ToxicFrank

    PENDING flasH has applied for admin!

    Are you available for a chat here in the next few days?
  10. ToxicFrank

    DENIED Wait Who Is That has applied for admin!

    Hello, unfortunately, we are going to deny your application purely off of age at this point. As stated above we do make exceptions based on age but I don't feel like we have really got to know you enough to be certain that you are at or above a maturity level which we would like all of our staff...
  11. ToxicFrank

    APPROVED Georges has applied for admin!

    UHHHHHHHHHHH I like you :)
  12. ToxicFrank

    APPROVED _worstawper_ Posted an Appeal!

    Although I believe the clips provided are suspicious, I will unban you just because I don't feel there is enough evidence.

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