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  1. shrapnel-

    PENDING NotMartin Applied For Admin!

    Not an admin but Martin is definently one of the most active players on 1v1, I think he would be a good addition to the community.
  2. shrapnel-

    PENDING Application

    No problem I'll reapply as soon as! Ty inzane
  3. shrapnel-

    Introducing KZ to DMFrenzy

    I feel KZ would definently be a good addition to the DMFRENZY network!
  4. shrapnel-

    PENDING Application

    Loyal, it's true that I was previously muted for rascism, however the context of it was a bit difficult. I know that's no excuse, and I'm glad to take any constructive critiscism, but when you just list off stuff without showing what I did wrong, I can't see what I did wrong and change it. If...
  5. shrapnel-

    PENDING Application

    Definently Obey! Add me on discord maybe? erikmalpass#7631
  6. shrapnel-

    PENDING Application

    For sure! What servers do you play on? I don't see you around on the 1v1 server that often or maybe im just blind but lmk!
  7. shrapnel-

    PENDING Application

    Thanks Jolly Dad, buy me some green baby!
  8. shrapnel-

    PENDING Application

    I appreciate it Kismett, and lets play some more!
  9. shrapnel-

    What custom rounds...

    No gravity round? thatd be pretty fun
  10. shrapnel-

    PENDING Application

    Thanks frost! It's always a great time playing with you and I hope to continue to!
  11. shrapnel-

    PENDING Application

    Definitely looking forward to playing with you Jolly, and I appreciate it! Hopefully I'll see you around the 1v1 server or in a 10man sometime!
  12. shrapnel-

    PENDING Application

    Thank you Inzane! Whenever your on I get another familiar face to talk to, so I really appreciate the vouch! I'll definitely stay active and hope to keep playing with you!
  13. shrapnel-

    PENDING Application

    Thank you Loyal and Andy, I appreciate it! It's been a great time playing with you both as well!
  14. shrapnel-

    PENDING Application

    Real name: Erik Malpass Online Game Name: shrapnel- @DMFRENZY.com My Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198875682741/ Location: California Age: 17 Are you active in our Discord channel? Yes How many approx. hrs spent on our server(s) per week? 4-15+ Hours Per Week. What...
  15. shrapnel-

    PENDING Claiming Free Server Credits

    User name: ERIKMALPASS Your Steam ID# (STEAM_1:1:12312312) STEAM_0:1:457708506 *BONUS Credits* Steam Group Username (If left blank - disregard this) What Server Mod Do You Want Your Credits For? 1v1 Arena
  16. shrapnel-


    I got unmuted and gagged because I said the N-word and bean-man in chat. I'm sorry it wont happen again ;(


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