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  1. ToxicFrank

    DENIED Lucid's Application for Admin

    I just can't say that I've seen anything that really makes me think admin material. Some days you are fine other days it's like you've gone off the deep end. I get that there is a certain level of "jokes" to a lot of it but sometimes it seems like that isn't the case. We have decided to deny...
  2. ToxicFrank

    PENDING Danial Applied For Admin!

    We would love to have you back. Can you please join discord so that we can get you added into the staff channel and talk easier. https://dmfrenzy.com/discord
  3. ToxicFrank

    DENIED BDGS Applied For Admin!

    Hi @BDGS, we would like to interview you for a chance at our staff. Please message Inzane, Combos, Kenny or myself to schedule a time. Thank you, Frank
  4. ToxicFrank

    PENDING dynamodev Applied For Admin!

    Hi Dynamodev, thank you for applying. We did have one question, are you active in discord? We can't seem to find any history of you using our discord. We strongly encourage all applicants to use discord as it is one of the easiest ways for us to talk as a staff team, ask questions and get...
  5. ToxicFrank


    Hm, I looked on the back and see the connected account but not a disconnect. I see this in my settings:
  6. ToxicFrank


    Does it let you disconnect your steam account? I can check the back end and check if I can disconnect it for you.
  7. ToxicFrank


    Welcome back my man, it's been so long. Also side note, holy shit I forgot people are born in 2000 and 18 years old. Also you still in discord? Good to see you again.
  8. ToxicFrank


  9. ToxicFrank

    You're alive?

    You're alive?
  10. ToxicFrank

    Fat bikes? 🚲

  11. ToxicFrank

    Fat bikes? 🚲

    There is a switch on top of my shocks. One of mine controls the intensity of the shocks and the other turns them completely on or off. I don't have to take the forks off or anything just a little tab that twists on top. The intensity one requires a tool that came with the bike (I am sure...
  12. ToxicFrank

    Fat bikes? 🚲

    It depends on what I am doing. I just got to work and rode it little over 6 miles in 25:00 minutes. I had my shocks off just because it is easier. It depends on the terrain whether or not I have my shocks on or off.
  13. ToxicFrank

    Fat bikes? 🚲

    Even my giant which has slightly larger tires is a bit of a chore uphills. All part of the game I guess.
  14. ToxicFrank

    Fat bikes? 🚲

    I found mine used on facebook marketplace. It came from my Universities Outdoor Adventure center, every so often they sell inventory. I got it for $275. It works well but I have to hall the trailer with my son in it. Hills suck going up with him being pulled behind me. I am planning on riding to...
  15. ToxicFrank

    Fat bikes? 🚲

    I tried one of the old Fat bikes that teenagers used to have in the early to mid 2000's. It was like chopper styled but I can't remember the name to find a picture. Pretty sure it is by mongoose. I don't remember much about them so I am no help. The bike I have now has larger than normal tires...
  16. ToxicFrank


    https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=304851 It detects more than just BHOP
  17. ToxicFrank


    Yeah cow is pretty neat. @Sniper_Cow you have to sit in EVERY server 24/7 and be our anti cheat. GO
  18. ToxicFrank


    Kenny and I have used SMAC before, it is a server side anti cheat so it isn't gonna change a whole lot. It MAY catch a couple of cheaters but it is not gonna clean the servers up completely. Server side anti cheats are easily bypassed, that is why VAC is in the state it is. You can add it and it...
  19. ToxicFrank

    Losing my sh*t

    Just stop and wait for a resolution.