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  1. Huntman

    Muted for 120 minutes for (almost) nothing!!!

    The truth hurts, so you gotta keep it to yourself
  2. Huntman


  3. Huntman

    Ban appeal for Pixelphoenix21

    Oooooohhhh Very strange indeed... Or lies of deception?
  4. Huntman

    Interested in smurfing with us?

    I'll be smurfing to help people like Librah out of Gold Nova hell. Put a link to your smurf account profile below...
  5. Huntman

    Hello guys

    Sup Octavion, ignore everyone else but me. I'm your true pimp star MLG mcnotcasual player here to welcome you to DMFrenzy. Got any complicated questions? Ask someone else. Got beef with another player? Not my problem. Getting banned? Sounds like a you problem. Need to report someone? Do it in...
  6. Huntman


    He's obviously a soviet spy trying to throw us off! Be weary of him. And the other staff members. Trust no one... But me!
  7. Huntman


    Take it from me, wait not me... That the staff team is kinda weird. Have you ever seen the pictures Loyal changes his avatar to? It's sick. It's inhumane. And there's too much pink. It reminds me of...
  8. Huntman

    Au X Introduction. Hello

    @s6 becomes butt... What kind of person could do this?
  9. Huntman

    Au X Introduction. Hello

    chew butt? Have I become a softie? It's time to Kick gum and chew ass. And I'm all out of ass...
  10. Huntman

    Au X Introduction. Hello

    Welcome Aux! I'm glad to see another person joining this great, er amazing community. I haven't been as active as I am in Counter:Strike for the past month or two, but when I come back, you better be prepared because I'm ready to kick gum and chew ass. And I'm all out of ass... PS: I like your...
  11. Huntman

    What's Everyone Been Listening to?

    Jazz Sometimes Queens Anything good from the 80s or 90s
  12. Huntman


    Why ask me, you may ask? Because Huntsman knows best.
  13. Huntman


    Welcome to DMFrenzy! I hope you have an enjoyable time here on the forums. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any moi (me) or any other Staff Member. Also if you haven't joined the discord already, feel free to do so here.
  14. Huntman


    Describe it. What does paradise look like to you?
  15. Huntman

    Looking for ideas following the downsizing

    I'm thinking... Custom Tags! Kool Commands that donators get to use! !voteban and !votemute rights...
  16. Huntman

    Banned from the discord for no reason.

    Lord Loyal has made a mistake? Or was it the fates that has blessed terriblestrat?
  17. Huntman

    Banned from the discord for no reason.

    Ummmmmm I concur!!! (Not really)
  18. Huntman

    APPROVED ItsMinX / Peachy Applied For Admin!

    Minx got hacked by some dumb robot that keeps saying, "I am currently AFK! Add me on discord if its important - MinX#7439 " I don't know how this bot got past the FULL PROOF captcha , but I'm willing to bet that Minx will get his account back and gift me some credits. Oh yeah, I almost forgot...
  19. Huntman

    I was hacked

    That sucks man, did you have mobile authenticator linked to your account?
  20. Huntman

    Intro!! :3

    Welcome to the DMFrenzy forums Minx! If you have any questions DM Loyal or any other staff member. I do have a question though... Jimmy Neutron, how do you feel?

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