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  1. Huntman

    Interested in smurfing with us?

    I'll be smurfing to help people like Librah out of Gold Nova hell. Put a link to your smurf account profile below...
  2. Huntman


    Describe it. What does paradise look like to you?
  3. Huntman

    Anyone excited for the new Top Gun movie?

    The director of the movie confirmed that the next Top Gun movie named Top Gun Maverick will be coming in July 2019. I'm sure some people here have seen it as this movie was a hit in the late 80s.
  4. Huntman

    Huntsmans Introduction

    Hello! My name is Ethan and I have been playing Counter Strike for nearly two and a half years. I have yet to play 1.6 or source but I'm thinking of picking the games up this sale. I'm a competitive person, doing whatever it takes to win no matter the cost. I enjoy a wide variety of games...

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