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  1. Hreppy

    APPROVED Hreppy Applied For Admin!

    Real name: Leonardo Online Game Name: hreppY My Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:103739048 Location: Bitola,Macedonia Age: 16 Are you active in our Discord channel? Yes How many approx. hrs spent on our server(s) per week? 1-14 Hours Per week What type of our servers do you play on most...
  2. Hreppy

    Lebron James

    He has insane luck but still , it looked so cool :D this dribble move hahah , so cool
  3. Hreppy

    Kicking AFK'S

    I am not sure but sometimes when im in spectate it says it will kick me , but I was playing the retake server and we were 6-7 on the server ,one guy joined and he was afk in spec so long , he could've join but he did not ,I thoguht he maybe thought he is in queue ,tried to tell him but he did...
  4. Hreppy

    Which gamemode?

    Well , as the title says which gamemode do you guys like the most?? For me retakes is the best gamemode , it makes me improve retaking and fixing my movement i.t.c . What about you ?
  5. Hreppy

    APPROVED Hreppy Has submitted an Application! Woot!

    Real Info: Real name: Leonardo Online Game Name: Hreppy My Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:103739048 Location: Bitola,Macedonia Age: 15 Misc Info: How many approx. hrs spent on our server(s) per week?: 1-14 Hours Per week Why do you want to be a Member?: I want to be member because I...
  6. Hreppy

    Lets play a game

    I do not know how is it called on english but basically I start off with a word and u need to say another word on last 2 letters of my word , and everyone just goes like that , the word can not finish on letters KA or u lose , Im just bored so yeh.. Here is the word Race
  7. Hreppy

    FIXED Tracers Issue/Map change issue On this server it is the european retake sometimes tracers are not working . It bugs out and sometimes it is not working , I have been checking it it is equipped , sometimes it is all fine and next moment it bugs out and dissapears , I do not know why but it does happen...
  8. Hreppy


    Hello guys my name is Hreppy , I play on the retake servers so long and I havent really be on the forum , but here am I :)


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