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  1. ToxicFrank

    New 10 man plugin

    DMF Community, As some of you know we have always been searching for a good pug platform for DMF to use. We have used popflash, faceit and now our own custom server. The creator of the basic plugin for our custom server is releasing a new pug platform/plugin and we, as a community, have been...
  2. ToxicFrank

    Farewell Wickk

    We would like to bid farewell to Wickk, due to some circumstances in his life he has decided to retire from the staff team. We thank him for all his hard work. Wickk has banned 25 players from our servers and was truly a great help tackling the EU servers as it is hard for some of our admins to...
  3. ToxicFrank

    APPROVED ToxicFrank Applied For Admin!

    Real name: 100% Not Frank Online Game Name: Dad My Steam ID: I am a bad applicant because I didn't putthis Location: Noneyo Age: 40+ Are you active in our Discord channel? No How many approx. hrs spent on our server(s) per week? 1-20+ Hours Per Week. What type of our servers...
  4. ToxicFrank

    Welcome to our new Staff members!

    Welcome @C-dubs, @Deaglan, @David, and @I_am_Fiko to the staff team. Good job making it this far and we hope to see more good come from you. Congratulations guys!
  5. ToxicFrank

    Admin application changes

    As stated previously this week, we will be spending time going through staff applications very soon. Please know that we are constantly evaluating people and drawing impressions on them. We want to ensure that our staff team will be the best and most equipt staff team available. Starting after...
  6. ToxicFrank

    Giveaway Drawing July 1st

    Giveaway AK-47 | Neon Revolution - Factory New! The drawing will be July 1st 2018 Rules: ACTIVE member on DMF Servers, Forums and Discord! Minimum 25 Posts. (not just "Hi welcome to the forums" on all the introductions, try and make some interactive posts. The more people who do this the more...
  7. ToxicFrank

    ToxicFrank Introduction V2

    Hello, people of the forums, I decided that since my introduction is YEARS old and so far buried that I will just make a new one so that people can get to know some of the staff a bit better. I encourage some of the other staff to do this as well. Firstly, for those of you who somehow don't...
  8. ToxicFrank

    To all those who applied for admin.

    If you have recently submitted an application or have an application still open then this message pertains to you. Currently we have a large number of staff members, however, that does not mean that we are just going to throw away all of your applications. We will be going over these...
  9. ToxicFrank

    Read me before reporting another player

    BEFORE REPORTING SOMEONE: Rules that players are expected to follow on the game servers: Absolutely no cheating, hacking or exploiting game bugs on our game servers. This includes auto hotkey, skin-changers, name changers or any other software that is not intended to be used within CS:GO. No...
  10. ToxicFrank

    Staff Addition

    Welcome back @SubKan, we are glad to have you back! As a reminder to all admins and applicants, activity is still important. We do not require you to be on the forums 24/7 or even every day for that matter but try and make sure we see you on from time to time and the same goes for discord, you...
  11. ToxicFrank

    Staffing Changes

    Congratulations to @senTenZ and @wickk, welcome to the staff team, we are looking forward to having you, feel free to ask questions on discord! Additionally, we have made a couple cuts of admins due to activity in one place or another, we want to make sure our staff team is active. Again...
  12. ToxicFrank

    M4A4 Desolate Space!

    Come join the M4A4 desolate space giveaway, you could win a factory new version of that skin. You must be active on forums to earn credits to enter. Users must be active on discord as well. Good luck! Click the link below: m4a4 Desolate Space Giveaway m4a4 Desolate Space Giveaway
  13. ToxicFrank

    Welcome New Staff Member

    Welcome to the staff @Combos. We look forward to working with you and congratulations again! Good luck! DMF Management.
  14. ToxicFrank

    Staffing Changes

    Welcome aboard @Kara @MeTeoRite @frantiC^ and @Bentleyonpc! Congratulations guys, good luck and keep up the good work.
  15. ToxicFrank

    Length of Admin process

    Hello all, We have received complaints of some of you about the length of admin approval process and I just want to clear things up. If your application is fairly old (a month or longer) and you haven't been approved consider the following: Am I active in discord? Am I active on the forums...
  16. ToxicFrank

    Staffing Changes

    Congratulations to our 3 new staff members, please welcome @TheAsciiBunny, @Hreppy, and @V01d to DMFrenzy's staff. We will continue to look over applications in the channel in hope to grow our team even more. As always, remember to provide us with as much detail as possible and really set...
  17. ToxicFrank

    Ascii Art

    Let'er rip taterchip ..(\ /) ..(•.•) c(")(“)
  18. ToxicFrank

    Admin Applications

    DMFrenzy members, We have decided that it would be better to clean up our admin applications in an effort to manage them easier. We deleted a lot of applications that were fairly old and some that seemed to not have any activity. If we deleted your thread and you are still trying to get admin...
  19. ToxicFrank

    Staffing Changes!

    Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon! DMFrenzy has recently made some staffing changes, we have removed some inactive administrators and have decided to add a couple new ones. Let's all make sure we congratulate and welcome to our staff these new admins! @inzane @Sello @WTFrank @Cisko...
  20. ToxicFrank

    GTA V Modded Server

    Want to play on a GTA V modded server with others? KennyL and I have invested in a new server that will run a good list of mods including a base RP mod. If you would like to join please show your interest below and we can get you started on it. Some of the mods that will be included are: FiveRP...

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