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  1. ToxicFrank

    Which server...

    What game? Ark? Arma? Gmod? What are you thinking.
  2. ToxicFrank

    Hey guys

    Wanna know something you don't have in common, he's finna keep his staff while you're bout to flush that poop down the toilet.
  3. ToxicFrank

    Hey guys

    Inzane, more like, sub-par.
  4. ToxicFrank

    Hey guys

    Welcome to the community, unfortunately, it seems like we're stuck with you for a while so.... Welcome, I guess. We enjoy your filthy cheating butt.
  5. ToxicFrank

    Ban - Blopa

    Here's a tip, don't cheat. Find a game you are good at without cheats and you'll be much happier. Anyways, goodbye, thanks for trying. Kappa
  6. ToxicFrank

    Appeal for iiCuhz

  7. ToxicFrank

    PENDING R_yan Applied For Admin!

    Ryan, we are going to let this sit open awhile and come back to it as we don't have any glaring reasons to deny you but think there is a bit of work to be done.
  8. ToxicFrank

    JollyDillPickle Applied For Admin!

    Jolly, we'd like to do a voice chat interview with you at some point. We have no real problems with you, from what we can see you are active on discord, the servers and enjoy interacting with the community in the forums and community 10 mans. We'll message you on discord to set up a time. Thanks.
  9. ToxicFrank

    DENIED ImprovingFaze Applied For Admin!

    M1RO due to a variety of reasons we are going to deny your application. Although you are 14 years old you still had all the potential to become staff but there are some things you need to remember for the future. You have to exert a level of maturity at all times which we believe you failed to...
  10. ToxicFrank

    Possible credits/shop changes?...

    very nice
  11. ToxicFrank

    Possible credits/shop changes?...

    I think this is good. I do think to incentivize donations you could charge $5 for like everything except bhop and like $7.50 for everything with bhop. BHOP is just very "powerful" and the main reason people will choose to donate. Just my 2 cents, but I believe these changes are 100% needed.
  12. ToxicFrank

    PENDING R_yan Applied For Admin!

    Let me add some information to your app ryan: Are you looking for an experienced bottom fragger? Need someone to hold the team back? Does your team have so much skill it just wouldn't be fair to play with 5 solid guys? Look no further, Ryan is the perfect bottom fragging, anchor-style player...
  13. ToxicFrank

    JollyDillPickle Applied For Admin!

    You play 10 mans? You mean you watch in spec cause you're dead 24/7 REKT
  14. ToxicFrank


    Adult is here.
  15. ToxicFrank

    APPROVED ItsMinX / Peachy Applied For Admin!

    Hey yo bro, you're denied. Actually just kidding, let's talk in voice sometime, maybe we'll call it like an interview or something. Anyways, give me a call at 555-555-5512 or you know, PM me, KennyL or Inzane on Discord or the forums to set up a time. Yeah, so that'd be swell, Peace
  16. ToxicFrank

    DENIED Supreme Applied For Admin!

    Hi, due to inactivity we are going to deny your application. We want to see more of potential admins on the website, discord, and servers. If you choose to reapply in the future please address these issues first.
  17. ToxicFrank

    JollyDillPickle Applied For Admin!

    Thanks for applying Jolly, we will be reviewing your application but in the meantime make sure that you remain active on the forums, discord and the servers. We love to get to know our members and especially anyone who wants to be staff. Thanks
  18. ToxicFrank

    saying good bye to the eu retake server

    Good guy @inzane
  19. ToxicFrank

    saying good bye to the eu retake server

    I would suggest talking with people on the server and try and drive some of them to donate, without help we can't keep servers up. Bills are piling up and these servers are not getting covered. Since Panorama with MOTD going away we are completely reliant on donations. It's a sad fact but that...
  20. ToxicFrank

    Discord Ban Appeal for NotMartin

    I silenced you from the 1v1 for racism with plenty of witnesses and yet you decide to come into to discord and yell the n-word in our channel. Besides the witnesses, I am sure Loren was streaming during the time and I could find the proof. Either way, you will not be unbanned.

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