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  1. ToxicFrank

    PENDING Loyal Applied For Admin!

    I am going to actually give you a real response now. It's a no go from me. I don't see enough change for me to say I think you're ready for admin. You still do the same dumb stuff from time to time and it hasn't stopped. Maturity is a big part of things, we can take jokes and dish out jokes but...
  2. ToxicFrank

    Yankee ban appeal

    I will unban you and let this count towards a mute. This is you warning though racism isn't tolerated and failure to follow will result in either a permanent mute or ban. I am accepting your appeal.
  3. ToxicFrank

    PENDING Loyal Applied For Admin!

    Loyal pm'ed me to give him a response, my response is Alabama.
  4. ToxicFrank

    PENDING Loyal Applied For Admin!

    frig this bitch. 🤣😘😉
  5. ToxicFrank

    Racism and Advertising Cheats

    Yes but this an old report.
  6. ToxicFrank


    Loyal, sadly I don't think enough people would be reliable enough to donate monthly. I priced out some servers that would "work" and if you wanted a guaranteed none laggy server you're talking $50+ a month. Plus you're going to need someone that knows how to 1) set up FIveM and 2) make...
  7. ToxicFrank


    So I have TRIED hosting FiveM servers before and let me just say 1) it is a PITA to get people and 2) it is a bigger PITA to manage....
  8. ToxicFrank

    New 10 man plugin

    This shouldn't affect how often we play on DMF servers, it should just give the community a way to play against each other in a competitive form but still fun. Very few people play just the 10 mans and not the servers but those that do would probably not be in the community as they don't play...
  9. ToxicFrank

    New 10 man plugin

    I am going to ask him about server quality, if we had to we could take the plugin and host it on our own server. I'll also ask then about plans for an ac. If we hosted our own we can use Cow anti cheat kappa
  10. ToxicFrank

    New 10 man plugin

    DMF Community, As some of you know we have always been searching for a good pug platform for DMF to use. We have used popflash, faceit and now our own custom server. The creator of the basic plugin for our custom server is releasing a new pug platform/plugin and we, as a community, have been...
  11. ToxicFrank

    10-man Ban appeal

    I'll review it.
  12. ToxicFrank


    He was saying that this account: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198875698649 was banned 7 days earlier and that 123 was banned for being the same IP. All bans on our servers are IP based and there is a detection system for people using alternate accounts.
  13. ToxicFrank

    PENDING Not Parcs Applied For Admin!

    Kara is gone cut it out with the -1 poop. Ambiguous numbers mean nothing. I do it as a joke. @kennyL
  14. ToxicFrank

    Audio Design for the servers?

    Uh, yeah pretty sure it is just replacing the audio files that are with the plugin, to begin with. That is how KZ does it anyway, there are audio files for records, jump stats and more and they can be swapped for an identically named file.
  15. ToxicFrank


    Today also marks your last day with DMF, #WelcomeToDisney! Just kidding bud, congratz!
  16. ToxicFrank

    PENDING Spektakal Applied For Admin!

    100% approved
  17. ToxicFrank

    10-mans, what do you want?

    As I said, I am fine with whatever the community chooses but I do want to clear up some fallacies in what you wrote. We can include a kicking plugin, the server is only 10 people so once the 10 people wanting to play are in it's done, no one else can join. If we have a vote kick plugin if...
  18. ToxicFrank

    10-mans, what do you want?

    Thanks for the info romic. @Loyal you bad person you, and to think you applied for admin. Tisk Tisk
  19. ToxicFrank

    10-mans, what do you want?

    Like I said, if people want it, cool go for it. I just dont really enjoy trying super hard in this game anymore. I dont want to deal with drama of competitive play.

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