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Jan 12, 2017
jordan, amman
  • Player name (as it appears in the server, forums or discord): Zuhn
  • If this is a game server report please try and include a steam id: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198871824055/
    • Date of incident: 13 April 2019
    • Briefly describe the incident: I spectated the guy cause I heard he was toggling off/on..First round of the recording he did a suspicious act which I kinda thought from the way his aim was moving was aim assist..I couldnt record much because he left quickly but I recorded my recorded video into 2 rounds..1 where he got 2 HS which seemed really weird and the 2nd which he had his crosshair locked (although this one can still be normal, but for this player it was weird.) He isnt really a good player in my opinion which makes it weird when he does these plays..
    • P.S He was also racist at 1 time I got a SS but thats beside the main point
    • Are there any witnesses: a player called "Dusk" which actually called me to check him out
    • Links to proof -: https://files.fm/u/44txxsud#/view/Counter-strike++Global+Offensive+2019.04.13+-+;play
    • Forget the background thats my brother lmao
  • I do agree not ALOT of evidence, but I think It can still be enough to be banned. I'll record more if I see him again


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