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PENDING FeaturedSpace has applied for admin!

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Nov 9, 2020
First Name: Noah

In-Game Name: FeaturedSpace

Steam ID (NOT STEAM PROFILE LINK, USE STEAM ID EG - STEAM_0:1:111086520) STEAM_1:0:84935873

Location: South Carolina

Age: 17

Discord Username: FeaturedSpace#0001

Are you active on our Discord? (We check) Yes

Approx how many hrs do you spend in our CSGO servers? 1-15 Hours

What server are you most active in? Retakes

Why do you want to be an admin? I play on these servers a lot and I always think that if someone frequents the server, and they are responsible, they should be able to help get rid of cheaters and solve other issues.

This is a philosophy that I have had for a long time. I've managed Minecraft servers, networks, and other stuff in that sector. What's funny is even though Minecraft isn't considered a very competitive game, there is still rampant cheating, and I've even worked closely with some other developers to create anticheats. Note that is Minecraft. While I do know SourcePawn and C and all, I have never worked on developing an anticheat system or anything of the sort.

Lastly I do want to mention that I hate toxicity and rage and all, and I know some people like that on their servers, but it drives away new players. Usually when I encounter rage or toxicity in my own games of CS, I just ignore them or ask them to stop before muting them. I think I'm fit for the role due to my prior experience and my ability to handle administrative situations.

Any prior Clan/Team experience? I have worked with some other CSGO projects, but I cannot specify which. I am only mentioning this because it was during this time that I learned SourcePawn and how to develop for Source servers.Q

Do you have working Microphone? Yes

Do you know how to record/post demos if required? Of course. Evidence is important. I record myself playing a lot so it's not really an issue to catch evidence.

Closing Comments: It's important to note that I play CS in waves, and there may be an occasional week where I do not play as much. This is due to my other obligations to school and work. I am after all, trying my best to be successful xD.

But I should be able to be rather active. If you allow me to administrate on your servers, I will hide my admin tag and probably continue acting like a normal player. So a sort of undercover vibe. And then obviously if I encountered a cheater or some issue I would spectate and collect evidence and/or enable my admin tag to handle whatever situation it is.

Regardless of your decision, I appreciate you reading my long-winded essay.


Staff member
Server Admin
Nov 25, 2019
Put a lot of effort into this application, very impressive. Sadly I dont see that you are active in discord which is one way we get to know our applicants. I dont really see you in servers either but we could just be on at different times or on different servers. The team and I would love to get to know you better so I suggest you increase activity on discord to increase your chances. You must be active on all aspects of our community if you want to be an admin especially since you dont meet of age. We need to really make sure our applicants are mature enough for the position. I hope you take my advice and best of luck.

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