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gaming_MONSTER Introduction

Jun 29, 2020
Hey guys. I've been playing the 1v1 server waaay too much recently and figured I'd hop on the forums. Here's a little about me. I'm 21 and I love Counter-Strike. I recently started playing a lot more during corona. I love cars, music, and anything movie related. My favorite bands are probably Death Grips and LCD Soundsystem. My favorite movie is either The Graduate, Akira, or The Wicker Man (NOT the one with Nick Cage). Also my favorite cs map is nuke lol.

A lot of my cs hours are from jailbreak which I used to have a ton of fun on. Other games I enjoy are shooters too like Escape from Tarkov, but I also play Melee sometimes but that game is really hard. Definitely talk to me about music though if you're into it. Finding new music is cool.

Here is funny pic



Jan 5, 2019
Welcome! Feel free to join our discord server if you haven't already, there is a lot more activity there. Hope to see you around!

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