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Apr 25, 2020
First Name: Nick

In-Game Name: Gazzy

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:538672370

Location: Virginia, USA

Age: 19

Discord Username: Gazzy#3523

Are you active on our Discord? Yes

Approx how many hrs do you spend in our CSGO servers? 1-15 Hours

What server are you most active in? Mirage / Inferno retake

Why do you want to be an admin? DMFRENZY is the only cs community that is consistently great, with player-base, connection, and server features. I love helping new players and I like to think I can de-escalate conflict pretty well. I really just want to help this community in any way that I can

Any prior Clan/Team experience? Around 6k total hours in CS:GO (not only this account, but this is now my main and only account). Faceit and ESEA expirence

Do you have working Microphone? Yes

Do you know how to record/post demos if required? Yes

Closing Comments: You have beautiful eyes
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