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Introducing myself

Mar 9, 2019
Hello, My Name is Solly.

I'm 23 Years old from Cairo,Egypt and I guess i like to play video games.. I've been playing CS:GO for about a year now and I do play on DMFRENZY a lot to warm up and just basically have fun.

I'm a Senior Majoring in Business Administration, I don't actually like it that much but I got stuck with it and It's fairly easy, it's my last semester anyways so hopefully I'll pass and get it over with :D

I play few more games than CS:GO, I used to play a game called MTA and I play Apex Legends, Stopped playing fortnite (cuz we all know it's dead), and a couple more games.

I also have few hobbies, for example web development but only when I have time for it and Graphic design.

I'm a pretty simple and chill guy...I don't mind making new friends at all so if you find me in discord online or on the servers, talk to me and let's have a nice conversation.

Thank you for reading, Have a lovely day.


I'm Better Then Everyone Cause I Cheat... idiot
Mar 7, 2018
New York
Welcome to the forums!

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to DM me or a staff member, and we'd be happy to help you.
Other than that, hope you enjoy your stay!


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