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Today, 14:28
Aug 14, 2018
Olney, IL
Real name: Loren Tedford

Online Game Name: Loren ♥

My Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:64117382

Location: Olney, IL

Age: 32

Are you active in our Discord channel? Yes

How many approx. hrs spent on our server(s) per week? 1-7 Hours Per Week

What type of our servers do you play on most? 1V1

Why do you want to be an Admin? Kenny recommended I should apply.

Give an example of a time when you were part of a team
& did you enjoy working on that team? Why or why not?
In 2006 I belonged to a fire department the men and women that i worked with on this team were an excellent fit and well trained in our different jobs. I really enjoyed working with that team and we were a very active team that handled not only motor vehicle accidents but EMS, Fire, Mutual Aid to other fire companies around the area. I left that team to join another team with Sheriff's Aux Officer and I did that for three years as well. All excellent team mates all really great individuals and fun to work with.I left in the Sheriff's Aux was in 2012 as the rules were changing quickly and felt it was my time to leave the team.

Any prior clan experience? I was an admin in Christian Soldiers in Delta Force Black Hawk Down from 2010 to 2012 when we shut down the organization. I also run and that minecraft community which was started in 2009 as a private server for close friends later opened up to the public in early of 2013.

Do you have a working microphone? Yes

Do you have the ability and know how to record CS:GO? Yes I am aware of how to record in csgo I have to do that for my ESL tournaments in the EU servers when i play. I also live stream on to three platforms using a capture card and I have the ability to record several hours of footage.

Closing comments: I own web and email servers and work with many other projects. I am also a Amateur Radio Operator and deal with Amateur Radio Emergency Services and many other organizations during times where traffic is needed and passed. I own two Amateur Radio Repeaters here in my home town and work with many amateur radio operators on different projects they might have in the Allstarlink world (Asterisk phone system that is converted to control ham repeaters and simplex noces.)

I have been gaming for several years dating back to my Atari days in 1999 and had a gameboy back in 1993 or so I started off in multiplayer game called Delta Force Black Hawk Down. That was my primary game from 2003 to 2016. The game has officially died.. During my time playing this game I have belonged to several squads. Swat squad was the very first squad I belonged to we use to do drills and practice runs along with matches and ladders. It was so much fun to compete with other teams to work your way up into the semi finals back then in 2005 ish and 2006 ish.. The leader disappeared on us and had real life issues going on I remember the day they closed down the main servers and I ended up with most of it in my lap. Including back then Teamspeak 2 servers which i remade with teamspeak 3 later on trying to keep the squad alive. During this time i was working several jobs in mycareer and going through a lot of school and formal training with the various jobs i was involved in. I let the team go.. I couldn't keep it alive much longer and in 2009 I merged the squad into Christian Soldiers and was invited to become an admin with this squad. I enjoyed it! Great group of individuals but the game too was dying at this point no updates to the game had been made in 6 years and we had major issues keeping cheaters out of the servers and eventually that squad died as well in 2013. I then moved on to VOW (Veterans of War) It was a great squad met a lot of service members that also had done firefighting and other various jobs that were similar to my at the time careers. Then trouble struck.. I was at work one night in October of 2014 and I was involved in a incident that affected my right shoulder.. I ended up leaving a lot being away from the game for three to six weeks at a time for constant physical therapy and nurses and lots of medical staff... See what I failed to mention is I was diagnosed with diabetes at age nine at this point an accident like this is very difficult to heal from especially if you have diabetes. I fell on a concrete slab in July of 2015 while my arm was slinged and velcroed to my chest. From that point on I started falling more and more ended up with a cane about a month after and a full fledged walker by Christmas time. We move into 2016 with several doctors at this point working with my shoulder trying to figure out what can be done and I come back to pc gaming to find that most people have moved on and that the once active gaming community i use to belong to has shifted on to things like golf and other games like war of tanks things like that. I at this point was shocked and really didn't know what game i should move into.. My boyfriend purchased CSGO and gifted it to me in August of 2016 from then on I have purchased many games but I have learned to like CSGO.. I am still very new to the game I only have like 3k hrs and really low experience.. But I am willing to learn. I do play Elder Scrolls Online with my boyfriend and work through most of that with him as a personal game that we play together but at the end of it all CSGO is where i am at. I wanna get good at it I want to find a team that is willing to work with it's players and willing to push boundaries in the game. I want to go down the road of becoming a pro player one day yeah... I know i am thirty two years old but at the moment I enjoy it and I am unable to do much with my current conditions until we find solutions to my falls.. Most don't know this but I actually play mostly reclined. Modifications were made to put as many pillows as possible around my feet to help keep my feeling in my toes as they are starting to drift away day by day.. We had shoulder surgery in April of 2018 it was a success! I have am now able to move my shoulder around mostly and over all its very sore but its a muscle soreness and i willing to fight to build that muscle back into my shoulder.

I guess here in the end what I am trying to say is that Yes I am willing to help out as an Admin but I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE OVER THE SHOW! I want to be as a team and work with teammates I don't want to run it. I would also like some better training on to understanding the cheaters and how they may appear. So far from my personal experience in game I have noticed that cheating is a huge issue and seems to be very hard to detect. This is where i might need some assistance with other mods to review footage like this and gain opinions on especially on the guys that are trying to hide it.

If you have any questions or issues or just want to personally reach out to me you can either message me through discord or here on the site or if I am not available on either [email protected] is a working email i will touch base with you either from that email address or one of the other 18 email addresses i work with.. Sometimes i accidentally forget to adjust the top line to show what address i am emailing back from..

Thank You
Loren Tedford


Minecraft in 2018 L0L
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Today, 15:28
Jul 27, 2018
+rep, very active, nice person and just all around happy :^], every time I play with her she is kind, mautre and frendly.

Would strongly recommend her to be apart of our administrative team.

Regards - Reid


I'm Better Then Everyone Cause I Cheat... idiot
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Today, 15:28
Mar 7, 2018
New York
You're active on discord for the most part, you're mature, you've had evidence for every unfortunate encounter you've had where you were required to report someone.
You're chill on the 1v1 server... I think you'd be an amazing addition to our team.

Vouch from me.
Best of luck ~Loyal


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Today, 21:28
Jun 21, 2018
already had the pleasure to talk with you , you have an really nice personality, i see you around discord pretty often and in my opinion your a great addition for our team : )


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Today, 15:28
May 29, 2018
Vouch. Nice person, mature. I think everyone else has already covered why you should be a part of our team. +1


Professional Managers' Assistant
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Today, 14:28
Dec 4, 2017
You have been accepted, welcome to the staff team!

This really isn't surprising as this is definitely the best application I have seen in a while.

I'll be adding you to sourcebans shortly.

Once again welcome to the staff team!

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