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Today, 04:35
Sep 23, 2018
First name: Ryan

In-game username: R_yannn

Location: MD USA EST

Age: 14

How many total hours have you spent on the server? (/playtime) 1-7 Hours Per Week

Are you active in our Discord channel? Yes

Why do you want to be a Mod? I have 0.63d played the /playtime command didn't work as an internal error had occured. To be honest playing minecraft again has been more fun than CS:GO as of late. I hadn't played Minecraft for a few years before this started and it's been a blast. I feel like since I'm one of the most active members of the Minecraft server and about 50% of the time I'm the only player on or there's no admin. Also, I feel I could help catching cheaters early so the upper level admins can focus more on the game breaking issues rather than who's XRaying or auraing or something like that.

What do you bring to the staff team? I have a LOT of minecraft knowledge and I'm friends with most that play on the minecraft server new and old.

Do you have any previous experience in a team environment? If so, explain. I moderate a Discord server with 1.1k members and I've been admin on WhopperMC way back when which had about 100 daily active players.

Do you have a working microphone? Yes

Are you able to record video footage/screenshots? Yep

Closing comments: Sorry I didn't have much time to put into this application like I did for the CS:GO one, it's going to be Thanksgiving and I'm about to head off to work! Hope whoever reads this has a great Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!
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Today, 01:35
Jul 14, 2018
California, USA
Lets revive this post shall we? Whats the point of a [MC] Mod Application Format if no one is even going to look at the app's lol (No offense Inzane). So let me recap some of the skills you bring as a fellow member and also [MC] Builder.

On the discord yes we had short little conversations, but they were really short. But they also brought your personality and sense of humor. So +1 for Admin Personality.

On the MC Faction Server, you are the Second to best skill rank in the server. You are also in one of the staff Factions as well. And your also on the Servers All. The. Time. Quite astonishing really.

On The Prison Server, you are a fellow builder with me and maybe others in the future. I've seen the mine you built. Beautiful designs on the wall. And a nice layout as well. Also as well helpful and supportive to [MC] Staff like Inzane, Loren, and WTFrank.

Closing Comments: You definitely have my vouch! And the reason why I didn't mention other staff is because in my eyes they are not active on the servers as well as the people I mentioned. Anyway, I put hard work and thought into this because Mod and Admin app's should be taken seriously, and not like people disrespecting the admins on their own app's. Have a wonderful day and Lets hope this gets noticed.

-Neksal (apparently still nebzula on the forums lol)

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