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Read me before reporting another player

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Oct 29, 2016
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Rules that players are expected to follow on the game servers:

  1. Absolutely no cheating, hacking or exploiting game bugs on our game servers. This includes auto hotkey, skin-changers, name changers or any other software that is not intended to be used within CS:GO.
  2. No racist, sexist or harassing comments towards a player. Jokes are fine but must be clear as it is up to admin discretion to take it as a joke or punish a player for what they said or are saying.
  3. No griefing, this includes but is not limited to calling out teammates' positions, purposely not defusing bombs, block teammates, not playing the objective and anything else that affects other members of the server.
  4. No mic or chat spamming.
  5. Respect shall be given to all players regardless of age, sex, location, religion or any other characteristic.
  6. Admins have final say in all matters, disrespecting them or not listening to what they have said violates our rules. Additionally do not actively seek out higher ranking staff members, use the forums and not steam/discord.
  7. Abusing game votes including kicks are not allowed. Most servers have these features disabled but if there are instances with this feature on you are not allowed to abuse it.
  8. No advertising other communities without consent from a senior admin or above.

Rules that users are expected to follow on the Forums and Discord server:

  1. No Racist, sexist or harassing comments. Admins have final discretion in all matters.
  2. No advertising other communities without consent from a senior admin or above.
  3. No spamming.
  4. No Witch Hunts
  5. No Flaming others.
  6. Respect one another.
  7. Respect and listen to admins as they have final say in any and all matters.

What to do if there is a breach of these rules?

Report all violators here with adequate proof. If you have no proof please don't bother making a post as we can do nothing without proof, do not tell us to go look at the logs, it is your job to provide us evidence of a rule breaker. Additionally, please follow the outline below to help speed up the process. Please remember that we have the may not always follow your side, do not get upset or angry with our staff, they are doing their jobs and they have their reasons. If you feel like our staff is acting out of bias or not doing their job you can report them here. Please read the section at the bottom about reporting an admin.

Fill out this form:

  • Player name (as it appears in the server, forums or discord):
  • If this is a game server report please try and include a steam id:
  • Date of incident:
  • Briefly describe the incident:
  • Are there any witnesses:
  • Links to proof:

Reporting an admin:

Please make sure you have proof, a senior admin, manager or the owner will address the issue. If the issue is with a senior admin, then the managers and the owner will address it and if it is with a manager then the owner will address it. It is not advised to report the owner, do this at your own risk. Please make sure you have a valid reason for reporting a staff member, we don't have an exact list of rules that admins need to follow other than the rules all players are expected to follow. If you believe they are acting out of a bias or not doing their job properly please report them to us. Use the form above.
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