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Rooster's Introduction


Oct 13, 2018
Hello, my name is Can't Stop The Rooster, or the usual Rooster.

I'm 20 years of age, i live in California, it's super smokey here, surprised i'm still alive here. If you don't hear from me months down the road, my home town probably burnt down. We recently just had a town two hours away burn down and completely filled most parts of California with this thick toxic cloud of smoke.
This not a cloudy day, not a foggy day. This is a smokey day. Out of the full week, this was one of the worst days of them all. It was super toxic and pure white outside. Looked like a foggy day, some could mistaken it with fog. But it's smoke from a town that burnt down. California is very dry and it literally takes a spark to light a fire and create a big issue. very quickly.

We have a business that is across from ours, aside of them there's a large field that was nothing but completely dry dead grass. Some dumbass dropped a cigarette that was lit and burnt down the whole field and almost hit all the houses in the back. Behind all that smoke you see there is a larrrggee stretch of a fence line. A bunch of houses in the back. It took like 20 minutes for for fire department to get the fire under control. Oh don't forget about the fact that, this business is a pallet yard. Over hundreds of pallets off to the right in this picture. Luckily it was windy and the wind blew the other way. But a fire + dry grass + wind is never good either. Anyways, this is just the state that i live in, we have the deadliest fires and thought i'd share it with you since we are slowly burning down. Thanks for reading my story!


I've been around here for a few months, i'm not to talkative, i mainly play around the Multi 1v1 server, very fun with a hint cancerous players here and there. No issue, the admins handle em. This community has encouraged me to run my own CS:GO servers, a surf and multi 1v1 server! I've got nothing but full respect for this community, what really stand out about this community is the amount of help and care for their players. My CSGO servers were broken over one little issue that was pretty much impossible to find, the Managers and Owner here was really open enough to help me out and help me get my CS:GO server back up and running! I don't donate to communities usually, but this was definitely a community who deserves it and deserves the support.

I use to build, run and create Minecraft servers in my spare time for people and myself. I use to run a community that would bring up 250+ players every day back in 2013-2015. When i heard about the MC servers coming out, i knew i had to be apart of them, i've completely built my own prison server and have a bunch of premium plugins to supply. Nothing better than helping the community that helped me fix my servers. Glad to be apart of the build of the MC Prison server and can't want to see it strive!

Still here? Thanks for reading.

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