saying good bye to the eu retake server


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Tomorrow, 05:00
Jun 21, 2018
I have played over 500 hours and on that retake server , for me its more than just a getting closed chapter of a server, i met alot of freinds , i witnessed so much things and in the end positive experiences I´ve made within the time i played , weight more than the downsides I´ve recognized. It has been alot of fun , and im honestly It´s pretty sad for me ,that the era of the eu retake is going to an end , i can comprehend the reasons for it aswell.

It all started when I randomly found that server , on a boring csgo day , I think it was like 1 and a half years ago , i used to the retake server as a plattform to bettern my csgo skill and it surprisingly worked , i went to from mge to surpreme in a month , thats why im still thankful to that server today.

Then I started meeting new freinds , for example wickk , we spend hours on that server just having fun and trolling eachother, i I began to get in contact with almost all the people on the server , it was like a relationship slowly building up or a garden that is starting slowly to growth. There was a time I wouldnt even think about starting to play matchmaking , I would just hop on the retake server , and waiting for some freinds come around.

It got like a routine for me to visit the server almost every day , and that routine lasted for almost a year !

In the end , we all need to say good bye for all good time and move on a next chapter , I just wanted to open this thread to write some of my expereinces down and give an understanding that playing on that retake server was more imortand than it seemed like.

Im thankful if you red this far :) , anyways have a wonderful day .

Maurice aka impact2k


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Today, 23:00
Mar 7, 2018
New York

Let's get it trending ladies..


2 YEARS!!! YEA!!!
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Today, 23:00
Aug 7, 2016
Ontario, Canada
Here's the thing...

It's going to remain open until the 30th of October...

It's $11.87 USD a month... the sad part is - all that's needed to keep this server running is 2-3 people @$5 per month.

2-3 reserved slots per month, and this server is running NP.

Hopefully, a few people will buy a reserved slot?

Trust me - I don't want to have to close this server...

(P.S. - The server is back up and running after being down for a few days. I found out the issue and have corrected it in a way so that we shouldn't have that problem again.)


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Today, 22:00
Oct 29, 2016
I would suggest talking with people on the server and try and drive some of them to donate, without help we can't keep servers up. Bills are piling up and these servers are not getting covered. Since Panorama with MOTD going away we are completely reliant on donations. It's a sad fact but that it is what it is.

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