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Apr 15, 2018
First Name: Randall

In-Game Name: senTenZ

Steam ID (NOT STEAM PROFILE LINK, USE STEAM ID EG - STEAM_0:1:111086520) STEAM_0:1:129404295

Location: California

Age: 18

Discord Username: senTenZ#4219

Are you active on our Discord? Yes

Approx how many hrs do you spend in our CSGO servers? 1-10 Hours

What server are you most active in? Retakes

Why do you want to be an admin? I've been an admin in DMFrenzy in the past, and in the times where I've chosen to step down from the staff team I've remained an active player on the servers regardless of my association with the community. I enjoy the servers and the players in the community, and feel that I can positively contribute to it by being an admin. In the past I was a very competent staff member and I personally feel that I am very good at keeping a level head when put into the admin position.

Any prior Clan/Team experience? I've been a part of a fantastic community called DMFrenzy in the past. I was an admin for about a year and a half on and off.

Do you have working Microphone? Yes

Do you know how to record/post demos if required? Yes. I have recorded and posted demos as evidence in the past.

Closing Comments: I'd love to come back to the DMFrenzy staff. I'm pretty loyal to this community and I want to help in any way I can. I've been told by a couple staff members over the past couple months that I should think about applying again and I've decided that I miss the Staff team and I'm willing to put the commitment back into the servers and community.


Aug 10, 2019
Hey senTenZ, glad to see you back, saw you in retakes the other day you were there for several hours :). Just be more active in disc again +1 from me


Server Admin
Nov 25, 2019
hiii tenz toes how u been boo? Glad too see you again. +1 from me. Welcome back :D

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