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shinji Posted an Appeal!

Sep 1, 2018
In-game username: diabl0o (っ◔◡◔)っ

What's your STEAM ID? STEAM_1:1:218535898

What's your SOURCEBANS link?

Why were you banned/muted/gagged? I was banned for (Duplicate account) again

Why do you want to be unbanned/unmute/ungagged? My first 1st ban was because of the (!calladmin) abuse and i learned about my mistake, my second banned was (Duplicate account) for (1 week 1 day) and i didn't deserve that ban because i dont play with a second account, i play in a cafe (internet café) and many of my friends like (Makaveli, Shanka) also play in the same internet café and they got banned for duplicate accounts. I tried to talk with the admins and they sent me a screenshot of the IP ADDRESS and saying why all the accounts have the same IP ADDRESS ? My answer was "We all play in an internet café in lebanon and the internet café has 1 IP ADDRESS for all PC's connected. Me, Shanka & Makaveli got banned for (1Week1day) and we haven't done anything wrong.

2 days ago my (Duplicate account) ban was lifted, i could finally play on the server but then today, i go to the internet café and try to connect to the server and i receive a message that i got banned again for (Duplicate account), why would i use another account if i can play with my account that was unbanned 2 days ago ? Now i got banned for (2 weeks 2 days) I dont know if it's a bug or something but i have done nothing wrong.

Thank you.

I forgot to mention, Yesterday i went to the internet café infront of my school to play and at night i went to the intenet cafe close to my house, i think its possible to check it out too, i usually play on these 2 internet café.

Closing comments... I hope someone will help me with this problem.

You acknowledge that this is your last chance. Any further bans will not be lifted. (For users who are guilty and appealing for a second chance. Cheating bans are permanent and will not be given second chances). Yes
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Dec 4, 2017
Your account has been unbanned. The funny thing is if you waited 10 more minutes your previous ban would have expired lol.

You can't really hold us accountable for this since you're sharing IPs with everyone there. Hence, your actions reflect them and vice versa.

Regardless, you should be good to go. If you have any more problems just shoot me a PM.

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