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PENDING Sko0ba has applied for admin!


Jul 16, 2020
First Name: Samy

In-Game Name: Sko0ba

Steam ID (NOT STEAM PROFILE LINK, USE STEAM ID EG - STEAM_0:1:111086520) STEAM_1:1:460543297

Location: London

Age: 18

Discord Username: Sko0ba#8131

Are you active on our Discord? Yes

Approx how many hrs do you spend in our CSGO servers? 1-15 Hours

What server are you most active in? ███ ✬ 24/7 RETAKES ✬ ███ !ws !knife [EU]

Why do you want to be an admin? to be able to moderate the community and make sure excess toxicity is uncommon. Also a big thing for me is knowing that theres no harassment in the servers i play in!

Any prior Clan/Team experience? not CS wise but have played in rainbow six for 3 years

Do you have working Microphone? Yes

Do you know how to record/post demos if required? i do believe so. if youre talking about shadow play and medal yes, i just need to be told who to message the evidence to.

Closing Comments: all i want is to make a kind friendly community server where we can all talk and be friends


Staff member
Server Admin
Nov 25, 2019
Sorry I don't think there is enough effort put into this application. And I don't know who you are and I can say that for the rest of the team. You joined the discord server 07/23/2020 and haven't said anything since. I recommend being more active on discord if you want to become an admin. Try to get to know the team as well. No vouch but good luck.

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