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soCo Applied for Admin!


Nov 10, 2018
United States
Real name: Ryan K

Online Game Name: soCo

My Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002492191/

Location: Philadelphia

Age: 30+ :D

Are you active in our Discord channel? Yes

How many approx. hrs spent on our server(s) per week? 1-20+ Hours Per Week.

What type of our servers do you play on most? Retakes

Why do you want to be an Admin? I'm old enough to be done with truly hardcore competitive gaming. I've done my time playing leagues, going to lans, helping admin leagues, running teams, etc. I just enjoy the laid back nature of the servers and think I can help foster that type of community. Always trying to joke around and have fun in the servers without being malicious.

Give an example of a time when you were part of a team
& did you enjoy working on that team? Why or why not?
I've been playing competitive since 1.5. Been part of many teams. Lastly I coached a team a year or two ago to ESEA Open playoffs. I VERY much enjoyed this aspect of gaming. If I knew what it would turn into I would have tried a little harder ;). I don't have the time for that anymore.

Any prior clan experience? I've been to LANs, been on teams in MOHAA, CS 1.5 1.6 Source and GO, COD. Lead some teams, was just a member of others.

Do you have a working microphone? Yes

Do you have the ability and know how to record CS:GO? Yes I know how to record CSGO.

Closing comments: I've been playing on DMF retake for a good amount of time now. I contribute with the fee because of how well the servers are mostly ran. Reminds me of "old" days when all their was were community servers and mostly everybody had their favorites and knew each other from them. This would be another way of helping out.


Official Clan Fuckwad
Apr 15, 2018
+rep from me. Very active, very laid back, and very mature. I've seen you on the servers constantly which is my #1 criteria for staff. That being said, increased activity in discord would give you a major boost in the eyes of other staff members I'm sure.


Oct 29, 2016
Hi Soco, we would be interested in interviewing you if you have time. I would also suggest making sure you are as active as possible on discord (doesn't have to be all the time but just from time to time.) Please PM, Inzane, Kenny or myself on the forums or discord to set up a time to talk.

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