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Jul 26, 2018
New York
Hey guys,

Names VεrγTrαckDιsco, I've been playing CSGO since it came out as a hobby. I started like anyone else, grinding mm to get a higher rank. Eventually I stopped and moved over to ESEA as I heard the hit reg was better there (128tick). I would grind every week on ESEA to get to rank G (the rank I believe I could achieve). After about a month of ESEA, I decided that this materialistic goal I had was worthless. The system itself was not efficient and I didn't enjoy my time as I did when I started. So I gave up playing CSGO competitively forever (I stopped at rank A+ for the curious minds). Now I enjoy playing other games with my select friends, occasionally (or more like often) I hop onto your retake servers to refresh my skill. I main the AWP because I enjoy the fast-pace style of out-maneuvering my foes. With that I also ensure my rifles/pistols (or aim in general) is up to par with the high-end rifler's in my rank.

I've been playing on your retake servers for about a year now, and I'd like to take this time to say thank you for providing such an excellent/non-toxic server for the community. I truly appreciate the work you guys put in.

Now things about me!

Age: 18
Major: Astronomy/Astrophysics (Starting Sophomore year)
Favorite Drink: W A T E R
Favorite Hobby: playing video games xd
Favorite player: s1mple (currently)
Favorite player: kennyS (all-time)
Favorite color: P U R P L E
Am I a memer: Y e S
Favorite subject: Calculus and astronomy
Other games I play: Dead by Daylight, L4D2 (competitive), Killing Floor 2, Payday 2 (sometimes)

Fun Fact: I'm one of the many top competitive L4D2 players in NA, we have a whole community behind it that funds tournaments and it's loads of fun.

Fun Fact 2: I am a perfectionist! Meaning if I'm not good at something I drop it and move on. In this case, if I'm not good at a competitive video game I don't play it (Ex: OverWatch, frig that game lmaoooo)

Hoping to make some new friends here as I introduce myself to all yall. Feel free to send me a steam invite if you feel like it.


I'm Better Then Everyone Cause I Cheat... idiot
Mar 7, 2018
New York
Well.. damn.

Welcome to DMFrenzy Fourms!

Glad to hear you enjoy the servers!
If you havent already be sure to join the discord.
Finally, if you ever have any questions, feel free to PM me or any other admin and we'll be glad to help.

Other then that, GLHF.


Official Clan Fuckwad
Apr 15, 2018
Well that's one way to make an entrance. Welcome to DMFrenzy. I've seen you a bit in the Retakes, and it's nice to see you joining the community!


Minecraft in 2018 L0L
Jul 27, 2018
Welcome to the forums and enjoy your time! :^]

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