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Pending Zeyzo has applied for admin!

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Feb 4, 2021
Server Credits
First Name: Matt

In-Game Name: Zeyzo

Steam ID (NOT STEAM PROFILE LINK, USE STEAM ID EG - STEAM_0:1:111086520) STEAM_0:0:518710770

Location: Alberta Canada

Age: 18

Discord Username: Zeyzo#1997

Are you active on our Discord? (We check) Yes

Approx how many hrs do you spend in our CSGO servers? 1-15 Hours

What server are you most active in? Retakes

Why do you want to be an admin? I've been apart of the servers for a while and been a relatively positive experience but the lack of support when needed is sometimes a headache. I feel have a greater number of staff would be beneficial for the server and its life span. I used to be an admin on a group of servers called FLUX for about a year and a half and I feel I can make a fair judgement when it comes to warnings, bans or any other situation, in which I have become comfortable with being able to tell if a player is using externals or cheating.

Any prior Clan/Team experience? I have previous admin experience and pug playtime but no official team experience.

Do you have working Microphone? Yes

Do you know how to record/post demos if required? Yes

Closing Comments: If there are any questions related to me beyond just ingame topics I would be happy to answer.


I'm the bug; Not the feature
Oct 29, 2016
Server Credits
    • I'm the bug; Not the feature
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Hi, we haven't seen any activity from you since submitting this application so we are going to go deny it.

Feel free to reapply in the future but we encourage you to make connections within the community.