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Wishing stefan would update my name...............
Working on aim training in Aim Botz then either off to play some esea tonight or faceit thinking about streaming tonight we will see.. Been a very rough weekend here.. Medical issues are in full force this weekend even lost the feeling in my right hand earlier on and it is tingly at the moment but i am trying to work through it.... Diabetes sucks..
Feeling much better today.. Also spent most of the day looking into running a rtmp server here at the house for doing streaming to other providers.. So far very technical but fun..
Yesterday had multiple falls not doing so hot tonight.. Sometimes all you can do is just cry and work your way through it all..

Reason: Abuse of Admin Powers on the first day. Reports have been filed. Mutes randomly and causes server complications such as information non-existent, and unjustified mutes and bans.

-- This new recruit of an admin had harassed a whole server, not to mention players that have been on the server longer, and had no reason to. A simple little comment (singular non-problematic and not-at-all derogatory)


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