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[DMF]renzy is a CSGO community for fans of FFA/DM/WS/Knife!

Everybody is welcome here.

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Man oh man, what a mess this has become. It's my fault. I'm going to fix this up and we can move on with a much better process...

Moving forward... there will be no more applying to become a member. It's GONE! (I'm removing this right now)

Everyone's end goal is to become an admin anyways. So lets skip that process.

You will now apply for admin. You must have 1 forum post to fill out this form! You wont be able to view the form until you make this post.

Once accepted, you'll be placed into a Trial Admin group. Think of the trial admin as being on probation.

If you make too many mistakes while being a trial admin, you'll be let go fairly fast. So while getting admin might be easier now, i will require them (and all current admins) to be more thoughtful with their actions!!!


To those that have already created a member application with the intention of becoming an admin... please feel free to respond to your application, letting me know that you want it to be bumped to an admin application.. I will do this :)
Hi guys! How's it going? I'm back from my vacation and ready to roll out some new updates!

Over the past 2-4 months, I've received an alarming amount of emails regarding people thinking they've been falsely banned.

This irritates me a lot. As this SHOULDN'T be an issue! I've thought about what I could do to counter this issue.

For now on..
All admins MUST record proof before banning someone!

  • If someone is hacking - RECORD THE PROOF!
  • If someone is being a complete douche bag and 100% refuses to listen - RECORD THE PROOF!
*** All you need to do is record a simple 5-10 second video of it! If someone would be kind enough to post a link to some free software that would allow for this, that would be greatly appreciated! ***

If you cannot record the proof, then there's to be NO banning!

If I receive a lot of complaints regarding an admin, & they cannot provide proof, I may be forced to remove admin powers for that individual. If any admin would like to talk to me regarding this, please feel free to message me on steam or send me a PM on here! Remember, admins are required to visit the site too! :)
hey guys,

I've been testing out a new style for the site. Im still testing it out so please let me know if any issues!!

As much as I like the dark style, I was left wondering what a white style would look like! Im going to make it live for everyone to see. It'll now be the default style.

Don't like it? NP! Look down at the bottom left side and look for "Style, or Mega", click it, and select the other Style :)

I'm also thinking of having some sort of ticket system to better handle any problems with the servers or site. This way, I can keep things tracked and slowly work on the issues at hand.

Hey guys,

I was wondering.. Would you guys like to see a lighter theme for the site? Maybe some white vs black?

I can toss up a demo.
I'm going to be working on the site either tonight or tomorrow AM.

If you come here and it's not working in that time frame, don't panic!!!

:) :) :) :)
Hi all, we have added the ability to watch and show your stream from this site! You'll notice the "Streams" tab up top and if you click that you can view the streams of different DMFrenzy members! Feel free to add your own and watch anyone who is online!

Adding your stream:

1) Click the "Submit Channel button" on the top bar of the Streams page.

2) Enter your twitch URL (http://twitch.tv/USERNAME
3) Wait for your channel to be approved!
4) You're all set!
Hey guys,

Just letting you guys know that at some point tomorrow the site will be down, for how long? It depends how well the install of the portal page goes! I'm hoping 1-2 hrs max.

The forums will then become dmfrenzy.com/forums

The portal page will pull/display info from our forums. It should turn out pretty cool as it'll integrate with everything.
I've noticed that a lot of players come into forums and report a player for cheating, toxicity, etc. On most of these occasions, admins are simply not online, don't have time help, or are just too late to deal with the situation. Because of these issues, many of these violators just get away by doing this. Although, I have a solution that ALL players on the forums should follow while reporting a player, which also takes less than a minute to do, and ensures that the player in question will meet his destiny.

1. State what the player has done (Ex: if a player is cheating, say something like walls and aimbot.)

2. Include the link to the players steam profile page. It does not matter if it is private or not, as long as the admins have access to the profile link, the player in question can be banned.

3. (Optional - Although, very helpful.) If you have programs like Shadow Play that can record your screen and show video evidence that the player violating something, it helps out a lot. Doing this, the player is probably going to get banned sooner.

4. PLEASE do not spam the shoutbox reporting a player. We have a separate area to report players, use it.

By following these steps, you can ensure that the community is going to be toxic and hacker free.
Vote on your preferred choice of voice client!
Also leave a comment on why you chose what you chose.

Just doing this to maybe prove someone wrong ;) and to see what the Dm Frenzy community prefers.
(Skype users; other than video call, ur only gonna get ddosed)