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Hey guys,

I've been thinking of trying something out.

How would you guys feel about having a store in the retakes?, and possibly the dm/ffa.

First off, there won't be any trails, hats, or anything that requires a download. It'll just be for chat purposes moreless.

The whole point is.. We'd be collecting credits per time/kills. We can use these credits for prizes, giveaways, skins, etc.

More of that would fall on my end. We can also display our credits here on the forum. At this point, id consider having a custom plugin for the store made for us.

It's meant to incourage people to come in and play more, it'll give users that little bit of a reward for doing so.

Once again, I won't be adding anything that would change the game play. Game play will stay the same.

Let me know what you think!
Ok guys, we have some big changes coming within the next month.

  • I'm going to get us our own gaming server. This will be hosted in NY or Chicago. We will be able to host any other game that we'd like, with this option.
  • UK servers will be going down to 1 DM/FFA & 1 Retakes.
  • Some IPs will change in the process. Everything will be posted. :)
  • I'd like to have some sort of super admin or manager per server. This individual will have access to the server gaming panel for other tasks.
... More to come, I'll keep you guys posted.
hey guys,

I've been testing out a new style for the site. Im still testing it out so please let me know if any issues!!

As much as I like the dark style, I was left wondering what a white style would look like! Im going to make it live for everyone to see. It'll now be the default style.

Don't like it? NP! Look down at the bottom left side and look for "Style, or Mega", click it, and select the other Style :)

I'm also thinking of having some sort of ticket system to better handle any problems with the servers or site. This way, I can keep things tracked and slowly work on the issues at hand.

Hey guys,

I was wondering.. Would you guys like to see a lighter theme for the site? Maybe some white vs black?

I can toss up a demo.
Howdy guys,

I just wanted to make one thing clear regarding the calladmin.. I'm expecting ALL of the admins to handle any report that comes in. You don't have to be a full admin to handle a report too.

I went and did three reports myself yesterday as a test. It's extremely easy to do and really only takes a minute or two to do.

Once a report comes in, join the server, find the two people, and simply ask them what's up? Unless the issue is regarding a hacker, then you'll know the issue right away.

I'll be perfectly honest guys - I may use this as a way to cut back on some admins that aren't holding up their end. I'd rather not do this. Please, just help with the reports that we have coming in.

If you aren't receiving any reports, please let me know so I can add you to the main "bot" account for steam. The username for that account is platnumaccount - I'm on my phone ATM and cannot provide a URL to the account. If someone else could that'd be great, thanks!

Also, I just wanted to give a big thanks to those admins that are handling the reports. Thank you guys a lot :)