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  1. UntitledSoldier

    APPROVED How do I claim my free SERVER credits?

    Hey guys! Moving forward, people who are looking to claim their free credits will now be required to post in this forum. Either myself, @ToxicFrank or @kennyL will be issuing the credits. Only us. Here's a few ways that you can earn some free SERVER creits which will be applied to your 1...
  2. UntitledSoldier

    Forum credits are live, but not final!

    Ok guys! Here it is. The credit system is live, but it’s not final. There’s still a lot of work to do with it. More items will be added. I haven’t added them yet. You’ll recieve forum credits per post, along with 10+ other ways. I’m on my phone or is post a screenshot of the ways to get...

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