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DMFrenzy is a CSGO community for fans of DMFFA, Retakes, and 1v1!

Everybody is welcome here.

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Come join the M4A4 desolate space giveaway, you could win a factory new version of that skin. You must be active on forums to earn credits to enter. Users must be active on discord as well. Good luck! Click the link below:

m4a4 Desolate Space Giveaway m4a4 Desolate Space Giveaway

Hello! I am going to be doing an overview of March and soon will be doing an overview of the first half of April. Basically, I will be attempting to recap important changes that happen during March as well as discussing Hot threads in March, as well as things like the staff that joined the team or events that may have occurred.

Important changes
* @TheAsciiBunny, @Hreppy, @V01d, @Kara, @MeTeoRite, @frantiC^, and @Bentleyonpc were accepted as staff
*Managers addressed length of admin process. https://dmfrenzy.com/threads/length-of-admin-process.883/
*Community-Owner addressed server issues. https://dmfrenzy.com/threads/server-issues.866/
*Forum credits introduced (late February but adding here anyways)
*Affiliate page was introduced.
*Shop system for forum credits was reworked (reset credits)
*Admin forum thread area fixed
*Senior Admin rank introduced.

Notable Discord Changes
*Discord forum bot channel created (reduces general chat spam)
*Self Advertising channels added.
*Discord rules added.

Hot Topics/Suggestion Discussions
*Auto Bhop topic discussed, https://dmfrenzy.com/threads/auto-bhop.908/#post-4673
*Ban evasion topic https://dmfrenzy.com/threads/ban-evasion.904/#post-4306

*Hot Topic https://dmfrenzy.com/threads/an-interesting-development-farewell-commands.895/...
Welcome to the staff @Combos. We look forward to working with you and congratulations again!

Good luck!
DMF Management.
Congratulations to our 5 new staff members, please welcome @laytonu , @turntechGodhead , @huvRry , @Karim , @Hammyliu to DMFrenzy's Staff Team.

We will continue to look over applications in the channel in hope to continue to grow the team.

If you didn't make the team this time remember to set yourself apart in your next application!

Thank you,
DMF Management


Tryouts for the new and upcoming Counter Strike: Global Offensive ESEA open team will be starting on Monday, April 23th at Approx. 7 PM EST.

Tryouts will go on until we find the 5 that are best fit.

What are the requirements? Check below.
  • Must have a working and functional headset and microphone
  • Must be at least 17 years of age (Exceptions will be made)
  • Must have ESEA Premium or Insider
  • Must be a member of DMFrenzy.com (Click here)
  • Must be AT LEAST C+ on ESEA (Exceptions will be made based off of performance)
  • Must be willing to commit to practicing for long hours and creating time for the team
What are some tips for improving chances of being accepted?
  • Make sure to be on time to Tryouts. First Impression goes a long way.
  • Make sure to bring a positive and team-friendly attitude to tryouts.
  • Always maintain character. This isn't the time to think you are better than your fellow colleagues trying out.
What are we looking for?
  • Players that are active on DMFrenzy Servers (Not Required but favored upon)
  • Players that are willing to dedicated themselves
  • Players who have league experience (Not Required but favored upon)
  • Players who meet the requirements above...