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Levels Ranks - LIVE!

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Alright guys,

I added this to our 1v1 server today - It's trial and error right now, but I think everything is setup correctly for now.

Any issues, please report back to here with them so I can better track it!

Website to display the stats can be viewed here.

If all goes well, I'll push this to our DMFFA & Retakes servers - Each server mod will have its own stats!

Map Makers!

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Hey guys!

I'm looking for some people who have past experience making CSGO maps! (Paying $ for this)

I want to have a couple made for the community. Feel free to tag anyone you may know.


[NEW] Executes!

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It's here! Let everyone know about it guys and lets try to get this server rocking!!!

(Like always, report any issues here please!)

This server uses instadefuse, VIP queue, and more! - It's also using a trimmed version of our shop (same as the retakes)

Executes IP:


Beating the line! New Ranking System! + MORE!

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Hey guys,

Just letting you guys know that a few updates have been pushed to the servers!

1st..... I'm pleased to annouce that we're using a new ranking system for our servers! Rankme had too many little bugs that were driving me nuts. I've switched us over to GameME! I'm sure some of you guys have heard of this/seen the stats in other servers! You can visit our page @ - I'm still in the process of slowly moving each server over.

2nd... No more waiting in line for Retakes if you have VIP access or your an admin! Someone finally made the plugin, and now there's no more waiting! Another reason to make a donation!

3rd... Call admin is back...

Bringing back streams?

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Hey guys,

Does anyone remember when we had a streaming page for those who use twitch and stuff???

Would you guys like to see that back on here? I’d be willing to allow others to add their streams to the site for everyone to see...

We had this before but we have since upgraded xenforo, so it would require us to buy it again.. and at $40, I don’t want to waste it as it’ll most likely come from my bank lol.

Let me know!

New 10 man plugin

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DMF Community,

As some of you know we have always been searching for a good pug platform for DMF to use. We have used popflash, faceit and now our own custom server. The creator of the basic plugin for our custom server is releasing a new pug platform/plugin and we, as a community, have been accepted as partners. This is not the sort of partnership where we scratch their back they scratch ours but most larger communities can utilize their plugin for 1 flat rate. What does this plugin mean for us? The plugin can do the following as it goes through development, please note some features are still...

Which server...

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...would you guys like to see us run next?

Just curious ?

- Out

Farewell Wickk

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We would like to bid farewell to Wickk, due to some circumstances in his life he has decided to retire from the staff team. We thank him for all his hard work. Wickk has banned 25 players from our servers and was truly a great help tackling the EU servers as it is hard for some of our admins to provide coverage during those times. We would like to thank him again and wish him luck in all his future endeavors. Thank you again @wickk

DMF Staff Team and Community

Welcome to our new Staff members!

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Welcome @C-dubs, @Deaglan, @David, and @I_am_Fiko to the staff team. Good job making it this far and we hope to see more good come from you. Congratulations guys!

Admin application changes

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As stated previously this week, we will be spending time going through staff applications very soon. Please know that we are constantly evaluating people and drawing impressions on them. We want to ensure that our staff team will be the best and most equipt staff team available. Starting after we clear out these applications we are going to make a change to the application process. We are going to change it to a minimum of 30 days registered on the forums before applying for staff. Why are we doing this? Simply put, right now there are a lot of people who make an account, make a half-hearted...

To all those who applied for admin.

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If you have recently submitted an application or have an application still open then this message pertains to you. Currently we have a large number of staff members, however, that does not mean that we are just going to throw away all of your applications. We will be going over these applications within the next 2 weeks. Please make sure your applications are up to date and as detailed as possible. We will be making cuts immediately based off of application quality. From there IF we still have any applications left we will want to do an interview process with you and if after that we still like you as a candidate we will discuss the...
New Ways To Log In!
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Quick message here.. I added some new ways for people to sign into DMFrenzy.Com!

Also a quick reminder - Don't forget you can click the icon in the one picture as it allows you to switch a few things here on DMFrenzy.Com!

- Enjoy


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Hey guys,

I’ve been having people ask me about this lately.. would anyone be interested in this if I opened up a server for it???

I don’t quite understand it myself as I’ve never played it lol but willing to install it if it’ll get used!

Team DMFrenzy Tryouts Update

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@MeTeoRite is not able to run the tryouts at the moment, so I stepped up to make sure that this will run smoothly.

The first day of tryouts will begin tomorrow at 10pm EST. You must be in the DMFrenzy Discord by this time to secure your spot for the night.

Tryouts will continue over the course of the next few days for which the times will be posted later, but...
Shoutbox - Which do YOU prefer?
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Which position do you guys prefer?

1. A normal shoutbox on the forum - as per the screenshot below.
2. A newer style, which is a notification bar on the bottom of the screen - as per the screenshot below.



VIP & Credit Packages have been set up to help finance our CSGO Servers!

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