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introduction post



    Hello everybody i am Mr BEAST you may have seen me on the 1v1 server. I am a huge fan of dmfrenzy. I have tried to talk to many of the people in the community. I have had a lot of fun hanging out with some of the people in the dmfrenzy community. Thank you. Have a great and wonderful day
  2. 3CLYPS3

    My Introduction

    Hey guys whats up? I've been in the 1v1 server for a few months and I really enjoyed it so I decided to sign up for an account and even donated to the site. Pretty soon after I was really interested in becoming an Admin because the admins I have talked to are really cool and have told me what...
  3. June

    Hewwo OwO

    Hewwo my name is June OwO. I am pretty mediocre at CSGO, but I somehow made it past silver elite xD :). My dream with cs is to finally win a playoffs match and make it out of open. Anyways, it is great to meet a cool community filled with gaymers and gaymettes >///<
  4. ItsZep


    Hello everyone! My name is Travis but I go by Zep. I've been playing csgo for almost 3 and half years now! I took a break last year when I was getting into college but things fell apart and I withdrew so I've been focusing on work and starting to get back into CSGO competitive again. I've...
  5. MuPiwnl

    Hi, I'm MuP, or Simply Nate

    I've been playing CS:GO for about 6 years at this point. At one point I had to take a 3 year absence due to my computers motherboard crashing and not being able to afford anything else to replace it. At this point I am trying to regain the skills that I had to reach MG 1. That's about it from me.
  6. synth

    synth Introduction

    Yoo! My name is synth. I got the name from way back when in 2012 when I first started playing games competitively on the PS3, namely CoD. I am 16, and about to become a Junior in highschool. I have a love and passion for videogames, and have been playing them for as long as I can remember. CS:GO...
  7. BrezzzY

    Hey, I'm BrezzzY!

    Hello there as you can see my name is BrezzzY. I'm a southern person born and raised in south Georgia. This is my first time on the forums but not on the server. I have been playing DMF for a little while and thought I should come on the forums and check it out, now here I am introducing myself...
  8. wickk

    Hey, I'm Wick.

    Wassup guys, Most of your probably know me or have heard of me by now, but long story short i'm wick & here is some facts about me. - I'm from the UK - I have been playing the server almost every day for a couple of months. - I have played cs for maybe 2 years, I used to play console only...
  9. K

    Hey its kalily here :)

    Im a 22 year old guy living in Sweden. I love to play the guitar on my spare time and workout. I just enjoy music most of the time and thats why i signed up on dmfrenzy. I love their servers, good ping, good staff and you can even try all the skins for free! I mean i just love playing deathmatch...
  10. kaspa -iwnl-

    I was told to say hi.

    Trevor Storm (born Aug 19, 1998), better known by his IGN, Kaspa, is but another pleb that has been sucked into the gaming community and has turned his family into a pitiful sorrow. Kaspa now spends his days Learning how to play competitive CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), to the utmost...
  11. Ethan

    Ethan's Introduction

    Age: 14 Location: Canada IGN: Ethan IRL Name: Ethan Preferred Server: 1v1 Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/EthanIsTheAwesomest123/ Paragraph About Me: Hey, my name is Ethan I am from Canada I play CS:GO very often I also play other games like GMOD and Overwatch I am on pretty...
  12. s0ul

    My Establishment

    Anyways, Hello, I'm David I am a 14 year old from Poland, but live in the USA right now. I fix and build computers at the moment, also am practicing how to code. I am a really peaceful person but as long as someone irritates me or irritates one of my friends, I play a lot of Counter Strike...
  13. MeTeoRite


    Hello All, My name is Jeff "MeTeoRite" Fletcher and I've been playing video games since the age of 10. Now that I'm older, I have been able to expression my passion of video games through various communities like this one. I'm hoping to bring a very positive impact to this community, and...
  14. L

    Introduction to Nani (lordofdementors)

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/alottadamage is my steam url but I have an active permanent community ban on my account. For "threatening a steam employee." I play mostly CS:GO I am Gold III I really like the pvp servers on dmfrenzy. I am 15.
  15. Kismett

    Kismett's Introduction Post -- Hello!

    :emoji_tophat: :emoji_grin: Yeah... I play a lot of CS:GO ;) -- Mainly competitive and FFA -- I'm a 20 year old male from Ohio who loves :emoji_cat2: CATS :emoji_cat2: :emoji_headphones: MUSIC :emoji_headphones: :emoji_desktop: GAMING :emoji_desktop...

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