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DMFrenzy is a CSGO community for fans of DMFFA, Retakes, and 1v1!

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Hi guys!

Just letting you guys know that I just upgraded our forum! I also upgraded the style to the newest one.

If you notice anything is missing, pleaseeeeeee let me know!!!

Thank You!!!!
Hey guys,

If I added it, would you guys use it?

We can add any screenshots and any videos to this...

*drum roll*

Our top server is our Chicago DM!

We have broken into the top 200 on game tracker.. not that it means jack poop, but It's a nice feeling lol.


Thanks guys to everyone who plays in our servers!

PS - how frigging sweet would it be to have all of our servers like this one? Always people in it, even at 5am lol.
Just a heads up to my wonderful admins... You may receive calls for these servers... I don't have admins hooked up on them yet.

I want to wait and see how they will do as they are completely different locations then what we normally have.

I'll give it 1 month. After that, if the server is still slow I will then cancel it. I don't see a point of hooking everything up if the server turns out to be a fail.

If a server doesn't start to pick up after 1 month, I will scrap it. I don't keep useless servers! Only popular ones.

These servers would be: (CH) (CH) (UK)
dmffa10.game.nfoservers.com:27015 (GER)
dmffa7.game.nfoservers.com:27015 (LA)
dmffa9.game.nfoservers.com:27015 (TX)

- Peace, US

I'm pushing some new plugins to our servers. I've only pushed them to the DM servers right now & the 1v1 arena server.. ill push to the rest once I see that everything is working fine!

New in-game command to see the new plugins: /valve or !valve

Let me know what you guys think of it!