1. [DMF] Fun Awards

    Miscellaneous achievements that can be gained, if the Gods shine them upon you!

    Failed Experiment

    I'll bend the world to our will, and we'll make time stand still. That's the plan. Rule the world. You and me. Any day. With promises of cake and power, these users were lured into the dark world of forum moderation and maintenance. The parties were grand; filled with strippers and booze. Such responsibilities were the undoing of some. They flamed out spectacularly, like dying supernovae. Some simply faded away into the background. Some are still locked in the closet. They are marked to celebrate and remember the quest: The Failed Experiment. Also, as it turns out; untruths were told about the supposed moist fluffy confections.

    She's Crafty

    This user can enter the mind of a cat and derive pleasure from simple objects. Able to keep occupied for endless hours using nothing but string and a complicated series of knots, their creativity knows no bounds (outside of the necessary string), and pours forth into the world as hats, scarves, ugly sweaters, and sometimes mittens.

    Drunk Posting

    What is a drunk man's idea of a balanced diet? A beer in each hand! Members bearing this award have been found to frequently post shit-faced (under the influence). They won't remember what they said in the morning!


    These members has been mushroom stamped. You best keep your distance or you may find yourself infected. Don't even think about licking them! You DON'T know where they've BEEN!


    As Mjolnir was a weapon of gods, so too has this user learned to harness the powers of the almighty to smite their foes. Using nothing but cunning and guile, did they do battle with the most evil of forces on Planet Earth. Chocolate Generators, Marmalade, and Butterscotch discs beware! This user smites candy with such righteous thunder, Yeti will awaken, unicorns will smile, and Odus won't sleep very well.


    Those who have had "incestuous" relations with other DMF members are bestowed upon them the title of "giggity". Those who proudly proclaim "I'll only fist'er, if she's my sister!" will feel quite at home with this honor. After all, it's all "relative". Right?


    Cheers! Here's a beer!


    Be careful. These (dis)members keep relentlessly coming back from the dead no matter how much you thought you were rid of them. However, rumor has it if you stay out in front of them just enough you may be able to outrun them!
  10. [DMF] Special Awards

    These achievements are typically granted to a single member or group.


    This award is for members who are financial supporters of our site. This pays for our maintenance, hosting, and software renewal fees & our 15+ servers!!! A special thank you to all those who have contributed!


    This member is a veteran, son. Thick and thin, noobs and queers, this member has stuck around. Don't expect a 1-up on this one, you don't have the pull, kid. So show some respect, grasshopper!

    1+ Year!

    Members with this award have been active on this site for 1+ years!!!

    Great Idea!

    This achievement is bestowed upon those members whose ideas were used to improve this website or servers. As helpful as they were though, they're probably still a menace to society.
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