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Admin Applications

DMFrenzy members,

We have decided that it would be better to clean up our admin applications in an effort to manage them easier. We deleted a lot of applications that were fairly old and some that seemed to not have any activity. If we deleted your thread and you are still trying to get admin PLEASE REMAKE YOUR APPLICATION, we do not want to discourage anyone from getting admin so please make sure you still have an application up.

As always here are some tips that will exponentially help your chances of getting staff.
  1. Stay active on the forums, so many people come to this forum to and make an introduction and an application and hardly come back after that. This is going to do nothing but hurt you. You are applying to become admins in a community and will be asked to continue to be active on the forums, managing ban appeals and scoping out new potential admins. You are not here to get admin and do your own thing.
  2. Get to know the current staff. Add them if they'll let you, play with them and get to know them. It is much easier for us to vouch for someone if we know them and can trust them.
  3. Be active on discord. Talk with the community and get your name out there. NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK.
  4. Be mature, we can tell when people are just not cut out to be staff. Make an effort, please.
  5. Be yourself, be unique. Include what YOU can bring, everyone says "I see cheaters and trolls on your server and I can deal with them" we assume everyone could do that, we want to know what makes you different than everyone else, why should we choose you.
We hope to get to know you all and hope to see you on the servers.

DMFrenzy Staff


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