Beating the line! New Ranking System! + MORE!


Aug 7, 2016
Hey guys,

Just letting you guys know that a few updates have been pushed to the servers!

1st..... I'm pleased to annouce that we're using a new ranking system for our servers! Rankme had too many little bugs that were driving me nuts. I've switched us over to GameME! I'm sure some of you guys have heard of this/seen the stats in other servers! You can visit our page @ - I'm still in the process of slowly moving each server over.

2nd... No more waiting in line for Retakes if you have VIP access or your an admin! Someone finally made the plugin, and now there's no more waiting! Another reason to make a donation!

3rd... Call admin is back!!!! HOWEVER, it's for VIP members only. We cannot give it out to everyone because of the volume of fake reports. This is less likely to come from donators VS random people who don't care about fake calls!
Jan 12, 2017
Awesome news!! Especially donors might feel alot better now and more reason to donate more!
Apr 11, 2019
I agree with the ranking system change I have had good experience with gameme and it is really good.

Also the retakes change hopefully will pull in more donations.

I disagree with having calladmin for only donators, I understand the issues that arise but this also has some bad effects. Call admins while do have some false reports they are usually easy to spot and dont really cause a problem and can easily punish them for call admin abuse. The call admin allows the regular player to get help if there is a hacker or rule breaker especially if they aren't on the forums or chat report a player. This can easily lead to losing new players.

You can do what you want but felt that I should talk about my grievances, overall glad to see the new updates. Good job!
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yung saint
Aug 3, 2018
This new ranking system looks pretty dope, endless amount of stats I get to geek over.

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