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Idea FFA suggestions

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May 25, 2019
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I'm sorry if it seems like I'm spamming the forums or something but I just want to address some problems I had with the FFA server that made me go to another one.
1. FPS: Typically, I'll have around 220-250 fps on a Dust ll FFA. On the DMF FFA, I would usually get 90 fps, reaching 110 at max. And that's on 1024x768 BB. What I think can fix this is lowering the player slots from 24 to 16 and if possible add an option that allows you to disable addons from your side.

2. Guns: I think we can remove the Limited feature for scouts as I doubt a large number of people are going to use it and it's not as annoying as an AWP. Same thing for the Aug, the meta has faded for a decent amount of time and it's not really op anymore. We can also have 4 awps on the server.

3: Servers: I'd also like to see more FFA/DM servers. Personally I'd like it if an Aim dm server was put in using 1v1 maps such as aim_redline ( and maybe mine :). The reduced slots from the original dm server can also make it easier to purchase a new one as it wouldn't be as costly as it used to be. However, I do understand Untitled is busy with other concepts and I think this idea can be postponed for another time.

This concludes what I think can be a nice fix to the dm servers. Please respond to any of my suggestions and thanks for reading this.