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Jan 1, 2018
Server Credits
So..... I have a couple of nice skins, and since I don't really play comp anymore (I mostly play on community servers which have the !ws command anyway) I am looking to giveaway some of my skins. I have....

-Individual Skins
AWP | Asiimov Field Tested ($41)
USP-S | Stainless Factory New ($9.50)
UMP | Scaffold Minimal Wear ($1)

-Bundled Giveaway
UMP | Carbon Fiber Factory New ($0.06)
SG 553 | Waves Perforated Battle-Scarred ($0.03)
M4-A4 | Urban DDPAT Field-Tested ($0.11)
MAC-10 | Carnivore Battle-Scarred ($0.10)
XM1014 | Black Tie Minimal Wear ($0.46)
M249 | Spectre Battle-Scarred ($0.09)
Sawed-Off | Snake Camo Field-Tested ($0.05)
P2000 | Turf Battle-Scarred

-Graffiti Bundle
(All are sealed, all are worth $0.03)
Piggles (Tiger Orange)
Still Happy (Princess Pink)
Speechless (Princess Pink)
Jump Shot (Cash Green)

I will be popping in and out of the DM Frenzy servers over the next couple of weeks (Usually in the Evening or very early morning PST) and I will be picking people to give them to based on if they are being friendly, and are consistently placing in high arenas. This will be completely random, however if you reply to this post with your IGN i will have a higher chance of noticing you, and you might even win the Asiimov! You can check out the skins here on my profile,Good luck to everyone! :)
Jan 1, 2018
Server Credits
Congrats to Xplizit on a 1v1 server for winning the AWP | Asiimov !!! Hell of a nice guy, and was very kind to everyone on the sever. Hope to see more members like him. :)