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Jul 29, 2018
Portland, Oregon
Hi! So, my name is Tyce and i spend all of my cs:go time on the 1v1 server and i love it, anyways, my in-game name is Supreme. i like to play a lot of FPS games as well as car mechanics games like Beam.ng drive. im very energetic and love to sing, (idk what to really say so im just saying stuff i like???) im SUPER interested in becoming a admin or mod because i see a lot of toxic people on when i join and theres nothing i can do about it because theres no !voteban or !votemute or any of those commands available to me because i dont have the right permissions. I just really want to better the server and keep ALL of ther servers as toxic-free as possible. i play cs:go most opf the time i sit down and play something and the 1v1 server is the only server i go to. im super active when it comes to being on that server(i visit at least once a day)and just want to make some contribution to the health of the server. im on almost all the time and have been playing on this server since i got cs:go and have loved and am finally making an effort to being a server admin/mod. I dont have much more to say so ill leave it with this; In all, i love the DMF 1v1 server and have been on it for a while, this is the only request/only server ive ever thought about becoming an admin, thank you for your time and thoughts. Have a splendid dya/night/evening to you. Thanks!


Professional Managers' Assistant
Dec 4, 2017
Hi Supreme!

I've met you on the 1v1 server already and it's been great so far (karaoke night lol). Tell us more about yourself: hobbies, interests, favorite color, etc. We want to get to know you!

Make sure to join our discord HERE.

On behalf of the staff team welcome to DMFrenzy. If you need anything you know where to find me.


I'm Better Then Everyone Cause I Cheat... idiot
Mar 7, 2018
New York
Hey there Supreme!

Like @inzane said, on behalf of the staff team, welcome to the community!
If you ever need anything, or have any questions, you can always PM me or any other staff member!

Other then that, Have fun and see you around!

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