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New 10 man plugin

Love it or hate it?

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DMF Community,

As some of you know we have always been searching for a good pug platform for DMF to use. We have used popflash, faceit and now our own custom server. The creator of the basic plugin for our custom server is releasing a new pug platform/plugin and we, as a community, have been accepted as partners. This is not the sort of partnership where we scratch their back they scratch ours but most larger communities can utilize their plugin for 1 flat rate. What does this plugin mean for us? The plugin can do the following as it goes through development, please note some features are still being implemented but they have dedicated programmers to add features we would request.

  1. Includes servers (not sure how this will exactly work but I am under the assumption it will be like popflash.
  2. Custom web site (we can still use ours if we want) for stat tracking
  3. Development as needed
  4. Paid ladders (future feature)
  5. Discord bot (future feature)
  6. Tournaments
  7. more to come
It all sounds very good but there is a catch. The price tag for such a system if $300.00 USD one time. Kenny and I would consider footing the entire bill but we are asking for any donations to help offset the costs. We can try and come up with some sort of donator perks for the server. It may be free entry to a certain number of paid tournaments if we do any or in-game tags. We'll figure something out but before we do that we want to ask if anyone would be willing to donate. We are not asking you to donate right now and it would be a direct donation to Kenny or myself as we will be paying the invoice. We will not accept any donations until we decide if this is the right system for us as a community. Additional ideas for donating would be entries in a raffle for some sort of skin/knife (probably around $80-$90 USD in value.)

What do we want from you right now? We want to know your thoughts on the system, do you like it, hate it? Also, we would like to see if there is anyone out there willing to donate a little money (we are not asking for $50 if we had 5 people donate $20 or something around there we would cut the cost down by a third.) Please let us know your thoughts and position on such a system. I will also pass any questions you have on to their representative.



If their server quality was very high and there was a reputable anticheat even I would be willing to donate. How you can confirm the previous is up to you and them.
I have mentioned before that i would be more than happy to donate. I'm here for the long con, i would like 10mans to be happening almost all the time :)
I am going to ask him about server quality, if we had to we could take the plugin and host it on our own server. I'll also ask then about plans for an ac. If we hosted our own we can use Cow anti cheat kappa
How far are you guys going with this comp stuff? It seems like it might be taking away from the main goal....

I havent really been seeing much of yall in our current servers???
if you mean not seeing someone like me in your other servers like retake or dm etc. i can easily explain why you don't. out of the servers you guys have, i mainly go into the KZ one. i enjoy the 10mans mostly
Why don't you Nubcake? I didn't mean just you lol.

@Loyal - Well maybe if you donated towards our current servers, you wouldnt have that issue LOL Or, better yet, if you could have kept your admin, it would be FREE!
The season why i dont play in the retake servers is because retakes are really unrealistic and may lead to bad habits if i continue to do so. Im currently on a team with some faces you may know like Cow or Bryy. I need to continue to play in a team environment to keep good habits. its also why i dont even pug on ESEA. i sometimes do pug on faceit with people from the discord but thats only because im with friends and 10mans arent going on or my team isnt practicing. As for 1v1 arena, im not a fan of 1v1 and simply just dont ever play it, regardless of whos server. Deathmatch i def could play but most cases i either play Aim_botz for warm up and then go into a pistol dm for a short period of time before team practice or match. 10mans are more of a pug, i understand that but if these changes happen as said above, there will be more reasons for people to try to play as a team and win because they have something to play for. currently there is none of that and a lot of trolling happens. coming into the discord i was originally told that most players in it are there to get better together and which im also willing to either help those people and also get better myself. Thanks for reading :)
This shouldn't affect how often we play on DMF servers, it should just give the community a way to play against each other in a competitive form but still fun. Very few people play just the 10 mans and not the servers but those that do would probably not be in the community as they don't play the other servers. I hope it doesn't affect people as far as playing on the other servers. A number of people are random users who just want to play fun comps against the community. It's pretty laid back and fun.

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