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Retakes - Auto plant now here!!!!

Hi guys!

Just a fast message here.

I've found a auto plant plugin that works perfectly fine!

I'm in the middle of pushing this to ALL retake servers.



This is very good, prevents trolling more, but I have noticed that the bomb is floating half the time. Any ideas on how to fix?
This is very good, prevents trolling more, but I have noticed that the bomb is floating half the time. Any ideas on how to fix?
The plugin is new. I’m expecting there to be updates for it soon! Nothing I can fix unless there’s an update from the author of the plugin.
Great, thanks! Hopefully we won't have floating bombs anymore!
I just finished uploading the newer plugin to all of the servers.

Once the map has changed it'll load in the new plugin.

Please let me know if it's fixed or broken. If it's still broken, could you please take a screenshot and send me it. I'll get in contact with the author of the plugin :)

I just pushed a new update to the plugin which should probably maybe fix this, I can never get the issue you guys do so you'll probably have to wing it.
@Techno So I have noticed it happens a lot on cache. But only in some spawn locations. Here is some pics of what locations I have noticed float.20180216172057_1.jpg 20180216172044_1.jpg 20180216171846_1.jpg 20180216171726_1.jpg
I've pushed the newer plugins to all retake servers.

Please if you guys could report back here with your findings - it would be GREATLY appreciated!
It seems all normal on all other maps except cache, on cache the bomb is still floating, do you need screenshots? I mean I dont care bout that issue cause it does not effect the gameplay, but maybe u want to know! :) @UntitledSoldier
Yes, a screenshot would be good.. or even a little video, would be even better!

I wonder if it's because of the spawn point? Maybe it needs to be moved? Hmm...
Ok.. I'm going to edit one servers spawn points for cache.. once it's done, i'm going to post the servers IP.. maybe if you guys could test it out and report back?
Good news.. looks like I was right.. It appears to be the spawn points, and nothing to do with the plugin.

Please come and confirm it with me if you wouldn't mind..
I have no clue why it wont let me join, I have increased my max ping too and it still wont let me connect.
Im in this server. Something was off about the other server, I would try and join and it wouldn't let me then my csgo would break.

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