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FIXED Shop cosmetics.

Apr 11, 2019
I have noticed that some of the cosmetics that people own some cosmetics that distract and make it harder to head shot. Like for instance the helmets I have seen a couple that cover the entire head and construed where it is, I have also seen pets be very distracting and annoying where we can see it and the person who has it can't. I don't really care for them to be removed from the server but rather to be able to disable seeing them, just a function that allows you to turn off cosmetics so you can't see them in-game.


Aug 7, 2016
This function isn't available.

However, I'm in the process of making servers without any shop items, other than the chat colors, I still want them.

I did a Deatchmatch server the other week, next I'll do is a retakes. It literally takes me 30 minutes to create a retakes, so it wouldn't be a problem..

I'm not removing the shop items from the shop for the servers that already exist. I agree with you on this subject and agree that there should be the option to disable it all on the user side.

Hope this helps...

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