Staffing Changes

Congratulations to our 5 new staff members, please welcome @laytonu , @turntechGodhead , @huvRry , @Karim , @Hammyliu to DMFrenzy's Staff Team.

We will continue to look over applications in the channel in hope to continue to grow the team.

If you didn't make the team this time remember to set yourself apart in your next application!

Thank you,
DMF Management


Congrats guys! Good luck, we look forward to working with you!
Welcome you 5 to the staff team :)
Thank you guys! Will be trying my best to maintain my spot in the team, won't let you down. :)
Congrats guys!!!!!! Welcome to the staff team!!!
Thanks everyone :) Hope to see you guys around on the servers (1v1 server if you wanna see me)
Congrats & Welcome guys!!! I look forward to seeing you guys around!

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